10 places That Are At Least As Mysterious As The Bermuda Triangle


Everyone is familiar with the Bermuda Triangle and the mysteries surrounding this area. All sorts of authors attribute disappearances of boating and airplanes in the imaginary triangle to, among other things, paranormal phenomena, whereby the laws of physics were lifted, or to the activity of extraterrestrial visitors. There are 10 other places on earth where the necessary mysterious events have occurred.

10. Superstition Mountains

The Superstition Mountains vform a mountain range in the American state of Arizona east of the capital Phoenix. The legend about the gold mine concerns the most famous missing mine in American history. The German Jacob Waltz would have discovered him in the nineteenth century. He died in 1891 and to this day gold seekers search in vain for his mine. The Apache Indians believe that there is a hole in the Superstition Mountains leading to the underworld.

9. South Atlantic Anomaly

Have you ever wondered if there is a Bermuda Triangle in space? That is there. The South Atlantic Anomaly is the area where the inner of the Van Allen belts is closest to the surface. The anomaly lies on the east coast of South America and is connected with the fact that the center of the earth’s magnetic field does not coincide with the center of the earth.

The South Atlantic Anomaly has been responsible for various problems with satellites and spaceships. The international ISS space station must be additionally protected because of the anomaly. Space telescope Hubble does not make recordings while passing the anomaly. The cause of the problems is not yet well understood.

8. Anjikunimer

In November 1930, an entire village would have disappeared in Anjikun Lake in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. One Joe Labelle searched for shelter in the village of the Inuit one night, but could not find the villagers anywhere. All food and rifles were left behind. Labelle called in the police who discovered that at least one grave had been opened and emptied in the vicinity of the village. At about 100 meters from the village the bodies of seven sled dogs were found, who had starved although they had access to food. There would also have been strange lights above the lake at the time of the disappearance.

7. Dragon triangle

The dragon triangle or Formosadriehoek is an area in the vicinity of Taiwan, Wake Island and the Gilber islands. A few similar rumors are attached to this triangle as to the Bermuda Triangle, in particular about magnetic deviations, unexplained lights and objects and mysterious disappearances. In 1952 the Japanese government sent a research ship to the area. The Kaio Maru 5 and all 31 crew members have never returned. Mongolian army leader Koeblai Khan would have tried to invade Japan through the dragon triangle. He lost about 40,000 men.

6. Bigelow Ranch

Unidentified flying objects, livestock crossings and other strange events are often observed on this ranch in north-west Utah. Terry and Gwen Sherman bought the ranch in 1994. When they were moving, they saw a big wolf. The animal seemed tame, but eventually grabbed a calf. Terry fired a few shots, but the bullets had no effect. The couple tried to follow the animal, but the tracks stopped abruptly, as if the wolf had disappeared into nothing.

In the end it all became so fierce that the Shermans sold the ranch in 1996 to Robert Bigelow, founder of the National Institute for Discovery Science, to investigate the mysteries surrounding the ranch. This organization does not want to lose anything about its findings.

5. Point Pleasant

The town of Point Pleasant came into the news worldwide in 1967 after the Silver Bridge collapsed. 46 people were killed. It is still unknown what caused the collapse. In the book The Mothman Prophecies John A. Keel describes strange events that have taken place around this disaster. The Mothman was an apparition repeatedly observed in the neighborhood of Point Pleasant: a human-sized flying creature with red eyes. What it has been exactly never became known.

4. Michigand triangle

Again a geographical triangle, this time in the middle of Lake Michigan. Vessels and planes would also have disappeared in this area. On April 28, 1937, Captain George R. Donner was on his way from Eerie in Pennsylvania to Port Washington in Wisconsin. He would be exhausted and gone to his ship’s cabin. Three hours later, Donner turned out not to be in his cabin. He was never recovered.

On 23 June 1950, Northwest Airlines flew 2501 flight from New York to Minneapolis. Due to bad weather, pilot Robert C. Lind drove the aircraft with 58 passengers over Lake Michigan. Something has never been heard from the plane again. No wreckage has ever been found.

3. San Luis Valley

In the San Luis Valley in the south of Colorado unheard of UFOs are seen. After the failure of her ranch, Judy Mesoline built her UFO lookout in 2001. Visitors also call the place the ‘Bermuda Triangle of the West’. The San Luis valley lies at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. “So many weird things have happened here in the past 12 years. I say to everyone that they should be open to it. Maybe you do not understand, but there is a lot going on in the universe that we just do not know about. ”

2. Benningtondriehoek

In the southwest of Vermont there is another triangle. Five mysterious disappearances occurred between 1945 and 1950 in this spot. On 12 November 1945 the 75-year-old Middie Rivers led a group of hunters through the woods. On the way back he walked forward and never heard from him again. The 18-year-old Paula Welden went to the area on 1 December 1946, but never returned.

On December 1, 1949, veteran James E. Tetford took the bus home after a family day, but never arrived. His luggage has been recovered. The 8-year-old Paul Jepson disappeared on October 12, 1950 while his mother was feeding the pigs. On October 28, 1950 Frieda Langer was walking in the area with her cousin when she slipped and ended up in the water. Her body was only found six months later and was so battered that a cause of death has never been established.

1. Bridgewater triangle

In the southeast of Massachusetts, just south of Boston, several mythical animals have been seen. From the seventies large hairy ape-like creatures are seen in the marsh. Pterodatyl-like creatures have also been seen in the sky. In the area, there are also reports of cattle mutilation. Since 1760 UFO sightings have been made in the Bridgewater triangle. In that year a sphere of fire was seen over New England. Black helicopters have also regularly been seen since then.

The Bermuda Triangle is actually quite okay.

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