7 Crypto Predictions For 2019


Sometimes it feels like there is only bad news to read about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general. When the Federal Bureau says crypto is not even on their agenda, there are SEC delays again and countries such as China come up with new regulations on cryptocurrencies, that is not positive. The scalability of, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum also causes a lot of worries. Yet we are positive about 2019. The crypto world is a crazy world where everything can happen in a short time. The prices of multiple tokens and currencies fluctuate daily. More and more (large) companies are also engaged in research into blockchain technology . A lot of work is being done in the blockchain world. This will not go unnoticed.

In this blog you can read our predictions for the crypto world in 2019. Even though the year is far from over … we look forward to it! What do you think the crypto world is waiting for in the new year? Leave a comment under this message! We start with forecast number 7 and count down to 1.

Disclaimer : These are our predictions for 2019. They are predictions. We do not have a glass ball to look into the future. This blog is therefore no binding buying advice or other type of advice.

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In 2017 there was much to do about upcoming regulations from several countries. This time has come. In the United States, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has decided that all ICOs are actually securities. A security represents a property position of a listed company (often via shares), a creditor relationship with a government agency or company (bond) or property rights (option). We therefore expect ICOs to be history in 2019 and become a large part of STOs (Security Token Offerings). People then buy something that a share stands for.

6) The price will fall and then rise significantly

You were probably hoping to read that the price will rise enormously forever. That Bitcoin and Ethereum will start recording a new ATH (All Time High) in 2019 . We do not expect this. The price will first use a downward trend. Then we expect that some coins will write a new ATH.

5) Decentral exchanges and better security

Not just crypto fanatic (or crazy?) John McAfee ( Twitter ) thinks that decentral exchanges will dominate the crypto world in the future, we also see this happening in 2019. At the moment there is still a lot of work to be done. Most current decentral exchanges are not user-friendly, have a transaction limit and not many active users. In 2019 this all has to change. Better security and increased user-friendliness should bring a lot of new users to this kind of decentralized trading platforms.

4) More and more companies are going to use blockchain and cryptocurrencies in 2019

Many large companies have shown interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. These pioneers are thus clearing the way for companies that are still waiting. In 2018, many results were achieved in the field of blockchain technology. There are also many large companies, such as ExxonMobile and Cisco, who want to do more and more with this technology. In 2019 we expect the number of companies investing in blockchain technology to grow significantly.

3) Institutional investors take the plunge

The regulations on cryptocurrency have caused many people (including holders of cryptocurrency and companies working within the blockchain industry) worries. Nevertheless, new rules by governments and financial institutions are certainly not always bad. Many traditional investors feel, thanks to new regulations, increasingly comfortable to invest in cryptocurrency. Projects that show similarities with the current financial system will be the first to become very popular. These include Bitcoin Futures and ETFs. 2019 is going to be the year where traditional investors in the stock market are going to risk digital assets. Compliance standards and regulations will become more mature, resulting in a new influx of investors.

2) Solution regarding scalability

One of the most interesting issues in the crypto world is the scalability problem. At the moment many companies and programmers are working on finding a solution. Interesting solutions that come (or are already there) include the Lightning Network by Bitcoin and Plasma van Ethereum. It became clear in 2017 and 2018 that scalability is a problem that requires a solution. After that, growth can be used. In 2019, most solutions that are currently being worked on are implemented.

1) Mass Adoption (massive acceptance) cryptocurrency 2019

2019 will be the year of Mass Adoption. For many people this is hard to believe, but we still think that the masses will learn to know and accept cryptocurrencies and blockchain. In 2019 we will see a larger and wider audience that will deal with cryptocurrency. In addition, it will also be used much more by both companies and individuals.

In general, we read on forums, social media and other communities that 2019 may be too early for Mass Adoption. Maybe that is true, but we still think that it can go fast if, for example, the scalability problem is solved and more investors recover.

What do you think what will happen in 2019 in the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies?

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