Fitness Experts Teach You 8 Things To Lose Weight

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In fact, you may not need to sign up for the “Guisensen” sports course, or even take a needle in the beauty clinic, you can be thin and beautiful and healthy.

You may be too lazy to listen to clichés like eating and moving, so take a look at the simple skinny tips that Instagram’s popular fitness coaches teach you.

First, do more squats

Well-known fitness blogger Faya Nilsson says squats are a very good sport because it strengthens your core muscles.

Nielsen said that I like to do squat exercises because it has to use many different muscle groups and is also a good exercise for burning fat.

Second, drink plenty of water

Hazel Wallace, a medical school student and fitness blogger, says that the liver is an organ that converts fat into energy, but if your body is short of water, the conversion process becomes Kaka and slow.

Therefore, drinking more water can help you burn more fat. Because drinking water can help the liver to operate, it can efficiently convert body fat into fuel and optimize the fat loss process.

Third, lose weight without tied hands and feet, forget about guilt

Personal fitness instructor Kim Hartwell said, “I am a foodie, and I believe that eating is a very important part of enjoying life.”

Some people have proposed the 80:20 principle, that is, 80% of the time to eat a high-nutrient, healthy diet, 20% of the time is not to eat food. Twell said that it is sinful not to stick to any dietary principles or to violate the principles.

“People who want to lose weight often silently follow a fierce dietary policy, but in fact, as long as you choose a healthy way, you don’t have to starve yourself to death, you can reach your goal.”

Fourth, eat less sweet

Eat less refined sugar, you can slowly slim down.

Fitness tribe, Natalie Glaze, says that quenching fine sugar and processed food is the quickest and best way to lose weight. Sweet foods and drinks are high in calories, but there is no vitamins and minerals that the body needs, which means they have no nutritional value at all, but they will make you fat.

“But don’t use anything that is too sweet to eat. Sometimes you need chocolate in your life, right!”

Five, weight is not a curse

A very important idea is that now we are talking about losing weight and reducing fat, not losing weight. Fitness writers say that heavy training and fitness may make you lose fat and increase muscles, but muscles are heavier and may face weight gain.

If you are really healthy and want to get rid of fat and fat, please don’t mind the weight gain caused by fitness or heavy training. Of course, you can also be supplemented by other sports such as yoga, walking or running.

Sixth, put down the mobile phone, concentrate on sports

Carly Rowena, who runs the YouTube fitness channel, said that if you run a treadmill and send texts and brush your face, it means that your exercise intensity is not enough.

“When you are exercising, please introduce yourself into the comfort zone and let yourself sweat, even if your face is distorted.”

Seven, smart choice of snacks

Can lose weight to eat snacks? Of course, you can choose ok. Louise Rumball said, “I usually grab a handful of nuts for snacks, or have a high-protein drink before lunch, a high-protein vanilla flavor, with almond butter, or almond milk. They are great.”

Eight, forget the perfect thing

Fitness Nelson Nielsen said that there is no perfect thing, so don’t let yourself take too much pressure and force yourself to reach a certain size.

“As long as you get yourself as close as possible to the healthiest version of yourself, you will succeed. All this begins with a practical, sustainable habit, and you can get more active and eat healthier.”

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