Bidding On A House: Example Letter


After the second viewing you know for sure: this is the home of your dreams. The whole picture is correct. What’s next? Bidding on a house is quite an exciting job, but with these tips and a sample letter you will certainly come true.

Bidding on a house, how do you do that?

You can bid on a house whenever you want. There are not necessarily rules attached to this. There are a few things that you can take into account, so you can be sure that everything is going well.

Dissolving conditions

A bid consists of the purchase price, but that does not stop there. If you are going to buy a house, you also include the resolutive conditions in the provisional purchase contract . If you can not ultimately buy the property on the basis of the conditions, you can terminate the purchase contract.

But when do you put these conditions on the table? You do this right with the opening bid. This way the buyer can decide if he or she wants to negotiate with you. Also mention the moveable items that you want to take over , to avoid misunderstandings.

Call or email?

Do you make the bid by phone? The advantage of calling is that you can directly respond to the seller’s response. A drawback? You are also easier to gauge yourself. The seller can see that you are enthusiastic and the price is greatly increased.

Do you find this difficult? Send a letter or an e-mail. Put everything for yourself in a row. In between you can even consult with someone. So you have the strings in your hands and you can think quietly. If you find yourself a bit exciting, you can always hire a buying agent . You can also discuss your situation with a mortgage advisor , so that you know exactly how much you can offer. That’s free.

Do you decide to make your bid by phone? Always confirm the offer in writing, so that there is no confusion about it.

Provide sample letter

Fill in the letter below with your own details and conditions. Adapt him so that he fits your situation exactly. Do you doubt something? You can also call in the help of a lawyer or a broker.

[place, date]

Subject: Bid [street + house number], [postcode + place]

Dear sir / madam [name seller / sales broker],

Last week we visited your home for the second time. It concerns the house on the [street + house number], [postcode], [place]. We have decided to make a bid of € 200,000 (in words two hundred thousand euro) costs buyer.

We expect a number of costs after the purchase. Our offer is based on this. It concerns the costs for:

– [replacement of the boiler];

– [replacing the bathroom];

– [renewal of window frames];

– […].

This bid is subject to the following resolutive conditions:

– [Subject to the financing for the entire purchase price inclusive of kk within 6 weeks of making the purchase agreement available]

– [Subject to receiving NHG.]

– [Completion: date .]

– [Optional notary: to the buyer.]

– [The offer is valid until: date, time.]

– [The buyer has the technical inspection carried out. This shows no necessary maintenance costs greater than € …]

– [Including the wooden floor and the planting in the garden.]

– […]

We’d love to hear from you.



[e-mail address]

[current street and house number]

[current postcode and city]

[telephone number]

Mail the sample letter right away

Are you eager to make a bid? Send the sample letter directly to the seller . He is then converted into an email. Just adjust to your situation and thumbs. Good luck!

Double check before you place a bid

Did you fill in everything? Or do you still have doubts about the perfect offer? You do not want to bid too much, but of course you have to end up in the negotiations.

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