Brrr! Must-see: In This Nature Park On Hawaii, Snow Has Just Fallen For The First Time


The northwest of the United States suffers severely from severe weather. With a series of severe storms, very cold air was transported to the usually temperate region.

Schools and courts in several cities in western Washington state, known for its rain rather than snow, are closed.

Even in Hawaii, snow fell, which rarely happens. Officials from Hawaii said that Polipoli Natural Park was covered with a blanket of snow.

Winter Wonderland

According to the overseers, snow had never fallen there before. Now the park has changed into a kind of winter wonderland.

On the four kilometer high Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa there is snow every winter, but on lower parts a snow cover is unique.

To the surprise of local residents, there was also snow on the Haleakala volcano on the island of Maui.

In the meantime, American politicians want to ban cow farts and flies in the fight against global warming.

Democratic congressman Ocasio-Cortez said the world will perish in 12 years if we do not do anything about climate change.

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