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There are some common problems encountered during the fitness process. This article summarizes the solutions of the eight common situations, so that you can take less detours on the road of fitness, and the fitness misunderstanding can be effectively avoided.
Situation 1: I have been practicing on the stepper for a long time, but the hips still appear slack.
Solution: Increase strength training. Women often overestimate the body shaping effect of endurance training. Because the stepper is not so obvious for improving the hip line or the plastic buttocks, especially after you have practiced for a while. To really shape the hip line, you need to increase your strength training. Plastic hip exercises include squatting, lunge and lame. Do it 2 or 3 times a week and it will take effect within 1 month.
Knee training (on a tilted leg trainer): 3 groups at a time, each group of 20 to 25, the practice speed is slow. According to your own situation, choose the weight and gradually increase it.
Resting lunge: Press down for 2 seconds and lift for 2 seconds. Make 2 groups for each leg, 15 to 20 times each. As the power increases, you can add dumbbells .
Eight common fitness problem solutions –
Situation 2: You have been familiar with the exercises and can finish with your eyes closed.
Solution: Add challenging new projects, increase speed or make adjustments. Climbing 50 steps on a stepper may give you a sense of accomplishment. When we exercise, it will give the body some stimulation, and the body will respond to it, but if you only provide the same stimulation every day, over time, when you reach a certain level, it will stagnate.
In fact, there are many fitness methods, such as outings, cycling, swimming , competitive sports, elliptical trainers, rally trainers, treadmills and various courses, etc. There is no reason to always choose the same exercise. In addition, we also need to make adjustments to the intensity of exercise. For example, long-term, smooth aerobic exercise is alternated with short-time, high-intensity training.
Situation 3: Exhaustion is done just halfway through the exercise
Solution: Make sure the diet has sufficient calories and nutrients . Women are physically weak during fitness, mainly because they do not have enough food per day to support a large amount of exercise and do not provide the necessary nutrients for muscle shaping. According to the American Dietetic Association, a 25-year-old woman who is 1.68 meters tall and weighs 60 kilograms and is moderately active needs 7533 to 9207 calories per day. This heat is evenly derived from three meals a day and snacks.
Dehydration and insufficient iron are also a major cause of lack of physical strength. If you feel physically exhausted for a long time, it is recommended to see a doctor. Because certain health problems, such as thyroid disease, diabetes, and sleep disorders, can also cause fatigue.
Situation 4: Fear of fitness
Solution: Stop all fitness activities within a week: no running, no cycling, no yoga , no dumbbells… Then, go to the ballroom for a whole night, clean up the room or pull a few friends to the bar to chat with. When the week is over, you will regain your good mood and invest in the past fitness activities, and perhaps get new inspiration to try other forms of exercise. To eliminate the boring feeling of fitness, you should first adjust your exercise regularly. The same exercise should not be repeated twice a week.
Situation 5: 5 years, your long-distance running speed is unchanged
Solution: Increase the speed exercise. The key to improving speed is to gradually increase your heart rate. The purpose of this is not only to raise the speed, but to adapt the body to a new speed. If your heart rate is maintained at 150 beats per minute during normal running, you can take a day to increase your heart rate to 160 times a week. The heart rate is maintained at 160 times for 1 minute, then reduced to 150 times for 2 minutes, alternating between the two, the total length should not exceed 1.6 kilometers. After 1 month, you will find that although the speed has increased, you can still cope with it. Finally, you can lift the speed effortlessly.
Situation 6: Always injured in sports
Solution: Set aside time for muscles to rest and recover. Proper rest is very important, it is an important part of the fitness program, but we often ignore it.
If you participate in the same high-intensity exercise five times a week, then the same pressure is applied to the same muscles, joints, and ligaments, and eventually they will be struggling due to fatigue. This may also neglect other muscle groups, leading to imbalance in muscle development, which is also an important cause of injury. Therefore, it is best to give the muscles 48 hours of rest between 2 strength training, and for endurance training, rest at least 1 day per week.
Situation 7: After practicing sit-ups , I found a belly bump
Solution: Pause abdominal exercises. Although the abdominal exercise can strengthen the abdominal muscles, it does not flatten the abdomen, especially the unqualified sit-ups. The only way to flatten the abdomen is by static compression or intramuscular pull, which is not possible with normal curved stomach movements. In fact, if the waist the fat is too much, then the song abdominal high-intensity exercise it will exacerbate the abdomen raised in the form of muscle.
Add a flat support exercise that flattens the abdomen. Face down and prone, lift your body with your elbows and toes. Pull the navel toward the spine and notice that the body is straight from head to toe. Keep this position until you can’t hold on. As the practice time increases, you can use the one-legged support or put your feet on the fitness ball to increase the challenge of the exercise.
Situation 8: No fitness for one day, uncomfortable
Solution: You may already be addicted to fitness. Exercise every day is a great habit, but too harshly demanding yourself is not good for your health. Once you are indulged in fitness, you need to find the real motivation to go to the gym first, otherwise you will not feel enough to spend time to exercise.
You should ask yourself first, what if you don’t go to the gym one day, and then see what the resulting emotions are related to. The purpose of your exercise may be to improve your body, or to get rid of loneliness or work troubles.

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