Get Paid For Your Opinion


What can you give your opinion about?

Well actually not! It differs a bit per panel on which the investigations go. One party focuses more on assessing advertising, while the other tries to try out more on websites. The lion’s share is about brands and existing products, but sometimes you can also judge new ideas or even try them at home! We may have tried a whole new taste of chips at home … and a shaver: D

The topics that we have seen above are: beer, cereals, snacks, advertisements, websites, radio stations, TV programs, juices, drinking yoghurt, electrical appliances, your work, use of public transport and much, much more.

How can you give it?

The way in which you can convey your opinion differs greatly. Most studies are in the form of questionnaires. Nowadays all actually via the internet, so online surveys. There are also parties that do telephone surveys, but that almost never happens again.

It is sometimes the case that you can give your opinion about a video, advertising or website. You then view them first and then fill in the questions. You may also try a physical product at home. During and after a certain period you complete surveys via the internet and if you have returned the product if applicable you will receive the reward.

Finally, you now see more and more panels that use online discussions. Then you sit in a group conversation to share your opinion and discuss about statements, quite fun! They do as much as possible to make the filling less boring than it used to be.

There are also parties that have very nice apps so you can just grab your phone or tablet. Extra easy, and flexible for when you’re on the bus for example or have to wait for the next train. Can you still spend that time useful.

Why do you get paid for it?

Survey panels are themselves often part of a research agency, or they conduct their market research on behalf of a large agency. They in turn work for large companies, non-profit organizations, institutions and governments. They therefore give the assignment what to investigate.

Of course they do not do it for nothing. Their goal is always to clear their goods, services, service or marketing to improve . All with the aim to eventually sell even more! Sometimes, agencies also carry out research to sell the results to the press. The latter often concerns public opinion or politics.

But what matters is that one can make a profit with the results of the research. And so they just want to pay for it. All the more because they know that they receive fairer answers and can determine the target group and sample in advance.

How do you get paid?

There are several options. You can earn coupons with vouchers (gift vouchers for, VVV ticket etc.), which you will receive electronically by mail or by post. If you just want to have money to your bank account, this can sometimes be done by normal bank transfer, and sometimes this is done via PayPal.

Payments can often only be made with a certain minimum balance that you must have earned together. This usually varies from 5 to 10 euros. But since research often yields 50 cents to a few euros, you’re fast enough!

How much can you earn with it?

That is a bit. Especially how much time you have left for it. Because you get the reimbursement for every completed survey . The more you fill in here, the more you can generate income. In any case, you have to use the top 10 survey sites because they pay the most!

With that you can already collect a few hundred euros per month. Not bad right? If you want to earn more, we have written an extensive review on every other noteworthy survey site in the Netherlands and Belgium on the basis of which you can determine whether that is a good number 11 to add to the list of the panels where you become a member. See the link below in the footer. But first hear the other ten customs!

Is there a snake in the grass?

No. As long as you register yourself with the parties we recommend, you are first protected by the AVG Act so that your data and privacy is always guaranteed. The answers you receive can never be reduced to you. Here the sites have to have characteristics and vertifications and they are under control.

Perhaps most importantly, participating is free and costs no money. With a number of panels you even get a registration bonus! Moreover, there is never an obligation. You do not have to participate; an invitation to a survey is always free of obligation. But if you do not participate you do not earn anything you understand.

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