In The Spotlight: Catharine Van Everdingen By Botanical Beauty


After working as a lawyer for almost fourteen years, it was ten years ago for Catharine van Everdingen to change course. She got thyroid problems, was very tired and came to sit at home for six weeks. She was determined to solve her health problems without synthetic medicines. She realized that it is not only important what you do, eat and think, but also what you put on your skin. “Sixty percent of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood.”

According to Catharine, our largest organ, namely the skin, also belongs to the list of body , mind and soul . Due to her thyroid problems, her interest in organic care products grew. “If you can not eat it, do not apply it on your skin. That is the starting point of my company Botanical Beauty, which I started ten years ago. We can eat all the products we make. ”

“Organic goes a step further”

At that time there was almost nothing biological in the field of skin care for sale, but also ten years later Botanical Beauty is the only Dutch organic brand at the beauty trade fair. “All our care products are not only pure, but also organic. You have one hundred percent pure nature, which means that all ingredients are natural and therefore not synthetic. Organic goes a step further; you can have beautiful natural products, such as almond oil, but they can be chemically grown. Our Multi Use Butter, for example, is 95 percent organic. There are no toxins in it, because no pesticides have been used in the cultivation of (natural) ingredients. ”

Botanical Beauty

We smear a little, according to Catharine. “Hand soap, body lotion, make-up, creams, deodorant, shampoo, feet cream, and so on. That is a lot, every day and that year in year out. There is certainly more awareness, but not enough to my liking. Everyone is too busy to find out what they put on their skin. Once women understand how important it is to pure lubricate, they are lyrical about our products. If you work with organic products, you are working to restore the biological balance of your skin. ”

Paraffin addiction

What many people do not know is that many synthetic creams cause acne or other skin problems. Not only that; also that there is paraffin in face creams and lip balms. “This can cause a paraffin addiction. These creams break down your own skin fats. Your skin needs the cream more and more, because it can no longer make the fat itself. If you switch to pure natural and organic products, it takes a while before the skin is used. It can take a few weeks before your skin no longer feels dry and is off the addiction. This also applies to lip balms. ”

Catharine likes to let people know how important it is to be aware of what you put on your skin. “What I also want to bring to the attention is the story of micro plastics. Ninety percent of skincare and toothpaste contain minuscule plastic balls that contribute to the plastic soup. It is really nonsense to put that in your products, pure stuffing. It is cheap and makes a product nice and soft. But why not use something from nature, such as dead sea grains and oil? ”

Older skin

Does Catharine have any tips for aging skin? “You can really slow down old age. Do not lubricate a chemical mess on your skin. Some ingredients can actually cause aging of the skin. Use organic skin products and stay out of the sun as much as possible. If you do go in the sun, ensure good protection without oxybenzone. Pay attention to your diet and sufficient hydration and exercise. Vitamin C is a proven anti-wrinkle vitamin. Finally, I am a fan of a good connective tissue massage. I prefer to use a cream that contains silicone on my skin. “

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