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Manchester City plans to sign Dulwich in the summer, Barcelona is afraid to withdraw from the competition

According to the “Daily Mail” report, the possibility of Manchester City’s introduction of 19-year-old Ajax captain Dricht increased, because Barcelona is unlikely to bid for this player this summer.

Barcelona bought Dehre’s teammate De Jong in January. He was associated with Dricht, but his bid was too high for Barcelona to afford.

Barcelona also took out a loan of 123 million euros from two US investment fund projects at the end of 2018, but after successfully signing Derong, Barcelona still could not meet the asking price of Dricht.

Ajax goalkeeper Onana revealed this week: “Dercht wants to go to Barcelona with De Jong. I have already talked with them.”

But Barcelona signed the 19-year-old defender Todibo from Toulouse in January this year. The plan for next season is to make Pique, Langley, Umtiti and Todibo the club’s four central defenders. Barcelona will withdraw from the competition, and the competition for the Dutch international will belong to the four giants of Manchester City, Manchester United, Bayern and Juventus.

A potential obstacle for Manchester City is that Dricht’s agent is Raiola, who once had a dispute with Guardiola on Ibrahimovic’s issue.

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