Manchester United Fired Mourinho


Manchester United fired Mourinho team for nearly 20 million pounds

Xinhua News Agency, London, February 14th, an earnings report released by the Premier League Manchester United Football Club on the 14th showed that they spent nearly 20 million pounds on the team of Mourinho coaches at the end of last year.

According to a quarterly earnings report released by Manchester United, foreign media analyzed that Manchester United’s total cost of dismissing the Mourinho coach team in December last year was included in the special expenditure item, which was a total of 19.6 million pounds (about 25 million US dollars).

After Manchester United replaced Mourinho as the interim coach with Solskjaer, the scores improved greatly. When Mourinho left, they still had a gap of 11 points from the Champions League, but now Manchester United has entered the top four in the Premier League. Directly qualify for the Champions League next season).

Manchester United Vice Chairman Woodward said on the 14th: “The appointment of Solskjaer as interim coach and the appointment of Michael as assistant coach have a positive impact on the entire Manchester United club. We are happy with the progress the team has made since last December and look forward to it. The final result of the season will be good.”

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