Manchester United Paris Fortune Reversal In The Champions League 1/8 Finals


A focus of the first round of the European Football Champions League 1/8 finals started at Old Trafford in the morning, and the home team Premier League giant Manchester United will face the French giants Paris Saint-Germain. Since the results of the draw of the Champions League 1/8 finals on December 17 last year, the assessment of the strength of the two sides has been greatly reversed, making the campaign more attractive on the basis of the original giants.

The day before the return to the draw, Manchester United lost to Liverpool 1 to 3 in the Premier League, 11 points away from the Premier League fourth; in addition, coach Mourinho has lost control of the locker room, he and the team core Bogba is not in harmony, the whole team is in the low tide of internal and external troubles. After the big Paris was drawn to Manchester United, it was widely believed that the big Paris had a good sign, and Manchester United was “the house leaked to the night rain.” Manchester United in Paris, it is like God sent them a “big gift”.

But what was unexpected was that the day after the lottery was announced, Manchester United replaced Mourinho with Solskjaer. What is even more unexpected is that the team seems to have been enchanted after taking office, and it quickly turned around and created 10 wins and 1 draw. Now it has returned to the top four in the Premier League.

Just as Manchester United was reborn and triumphant, Paris was in trouble. First, the team’s core inner Mars injury, and then the last round of Ligue 1 against Bordeaux, and injured another big forward Kawani and right-back Munnier. If these three generals are absent at the same time, the big Paris will be greatly affected and its strength will be greatly reduced. Seeing this, it is said that this time, Paris has become Manchester United’s “big gift package”.

Who is the “big package”? In fact, I am afraid that no one is. Although there may be three big players in Paris, the new star Mbape is in good shape. In the last round, he played for the Battle of Bordeaux, in order to recharge his batteries and fight for Manchester United. In addition, the midfielder Villati has returned. When he was in the Battle of Bordeaux, he started to play, and with the big rounds of Di Maria and Draxler in the last round, Big Paris still has strong strength.

If Manchester United really regards the big Paris at the moment as a “big package,” it is likely to suffer a big loss. However, now Manchester United is indeed far better than the Mussah period, not only the main state of Bogba, Martial and Rushford are hot, and the team has been insisting on rotation for a long time to ensure that all members fight, the whole team is on the same heart, in one A great atmosphere. In addition, they also accounted for the benefit of the home game, in this contest should be able to prevail, it is expected to win over the big Paris.

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