Ten Promising Cryptos For 2019 And Why


2018 we can actually call it a rather boring “correction year”. For 2019, expectations are high. I also expect a lot to happen before 2019. Earlier I did my general crypto predictions for 2019 . Today I am looking at ten promising cryptos for the coming year. Short disclaimer: This is my opinion. Always do good research on projects or cryptocurrencies that you invest in. The currency below is shown in alphabetical order. I see a future in the next ten cryptos. The list with ten promising crypto 2019 and the reason why I think it can be successful in 2019.

Basic Attention Token improves the efficiency of digital advertisers. The token can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers and users. This happens on the blockchain of Ethereum. BAT tries to be a decentralized, transparent digital advertising exchange based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Expectation BAT 2019

The roadmap of BAT has not yet been announced for 2019. Nevertheless, I find this project very interesting to keep an eye on for the coming year. The Brave Browser is a very innovative tool in the world of cryptocurrencies. This browser gets more and more attention and also more and more content-makers get rewards in the form of BAT. I expect that this will only become more in 2019. Also users who watch ads are rewarded with BAT tokens. The browser itself stands for more privacy and less fraud. Privacy and cyber security are two keywords that I think will become very important in 2019.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)

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Okay, I admit … BSV is perhaps a controversial addition to the list. People have already completely burned down this cryptocurrency. Many find that “a fork from a fork” is nonsense and can never be successful. Yet I myself am quite positive about Bitcoin Satoshi Vision . The roadmap of 2019 (see image below) is already known. This is full of optimizations and scalability solutions. Many other cryptocurrencies, which people adore, do not yet have a roadmap or have a meaningless roadmap. Bitcoin SV tries to follow the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto .

Reason BSV 2019

BSV is a fairly young project, but has a very experienced team. Daniel Connolly is the main developer of the project. He has more than 20 years experience in large companies and nChanin. In addition, the CEO of nChainGlobal is very enthusiastic about BSV. This company is seen as one of the forerunners when it comes to developing blockhouse applications and research into applications on the blockchain. This company will push BSV even further in 2019.


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Cardano is, just like Ethereum, a platform for smart contracts. The advantage of Cardano, however, is that it offers scalability through a layered architecture. The entire project is built on the basis of scientific philosophy and tested academic research. In ten days the new roadmap will be released on cardanoroadmap.com . At the moment, three companies are working on current developments.

Expectation ADA 2019

Cardano is in my opinion, on many points, an improved version of Ethereum. I know this is not a popular opinion, but I expect that in 2019 it will become a serious competitor for Ethereum. Cardano has three companies that are constantly developing the platform. The project was already set up in 2015 after it had been in the making for two years. The team has shown that it possesses patience and expertise. They have not missed a point in the roadmap in recent times. In my opinion, this shows that ADA belongs in this list.


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EOS is a blockchain platform for the development of decentralized applications (dapps) . This is comparable with Ethereum. Supporters of EOS sometimes call it an “Ethereum Killer”. The development of dapps on EOS is seen as better and simpler than on Ethereum, where you need more knowledge. It is a project that an entire community is working on at the same time.

Expectation EOS 2019

The company is led by Dan Larimer, co-founder of Bitscares and Steemit, and Brendan Bloomer. Both gentlemen have a lot of experience in the world of cryptocurrency. They promote the project a lot. The company behind EOS is Block.one. They have published a public roadmap . The developments are subdivided into five phases. At the moment EOS is in phase 4, in which they want a stable 1.0 product. Phase 5 is called “Cluster Implementation The Future”. Not much is known about this yet. It is known that the community focuses on the following issues:

Scalability solutions with side chains

Asynchronous byzantine fault tolerance (aBFT)

Launch and promote dapps

Making infrastructure for 4% inflation

EOS is a project that I have been monitoring for a long time and it is my personal top 5 cryptocurrency. In 2019 I expect that more and more decentralized applications will be added. Also dapps that can be used directly in the real world.

EOS information and purchase

Ethereum (ETH)

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Ethereum is still one of the most important projects in the world of blockchain. Earlier I wrote about my expectation for 2019, 2020 and 2021 for Ethereum . The project is led by the most influential person in the world of blockchain , Vitalik Buterin. Ether should not be missing in a crypto portfolio. The project may receive less attention than Bitcoin, but it does have the potential to become number 1.

Expectation ETH 2019

At the moment Ethereum is still in the Metropolis phase . The Frontier and Homestead phases preceded this. In 2019 Ethereum is expected to start with the final phase: Serenity. In this phase Ethereum can be up to 1000 times faster. There could theoretically be more than 13,000 transactions per second on the network.

Groestlcoin (GRS)

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Groestl is a strange duck in this list. It is not mentioned anywhere in articles or videos about 2019. I have been a Groestlcoin fan for a while . It is an ASIC-resistant cryptocurrency with almost -0% transaction costs. You can call it semi-anonymous, just like Bitcoin. With the recent Samourai wallet the anonymity is fully guaranteed.

Expectation GRS 2019

Groestlcoin is nothing special in the basic. It is purely a cryptocurrency with which transactions can be done. In my opinion Groestl does this many times better (and faster) than for example Bitcoin. Developers also implement the latest techniques directly and are not afraid to anticipate the rest. It is the currency that was the first to implement SegWit to execute Lightning transactions. All this at minimum fees. For 2019 there are again some nice improvements on the program. Among other things, the integration with Trezor and Ledger are interesting options. You can view the GRS roadmap in the picture below.

Groestlcoin roadmap

Lisk (LSK)

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Lisk is a sidechain development platform that makes it easy for developers to build and implement decentralized applications in Javascript. The company strives to be a fairer platform for decentralized apps, with which developers can earn money. The project uses the existing Javascript and no new language. As a result, they hope to speed up and simplify the development.

Expectation LSK 2019

The roadmap of Lisk is not divided into years, but in projects. You can find a whole list of developments. Some are already completed, others are currently under development. In 2019 I expect that more and more programmers will join Lisk. Now many people still prefer central applications, for example in the Google Playstore or on Apple devices for sale. I hope that the turnaround will be in 2019 and people will see how interesting decentralized applications are. When this turnaround comes, Lisk will be immensely popular. In my opinion, this is one of the best projects for decentralized apps.

Litecoin (LTC)

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Litecoin should not be missing in a crypto portfolio. It is seen as silver, when Bitcoin is gold. The coin was designed by Charlie Lee , one of the most influential people in the blockchain world. It is designed as a currency with which you can carry out transactions. In 2019 the halving of the block reward is on the program.

Expectation LTC 2019

In 2019 the transaction costs for daily payments with Litecoin are expected to decrease. This thanks to the Litecoin Core 0.17. This update will be implemented sometime in early 2019. Important developments will also be made in the lightning network. Here LTC is trying to be the forerunner. I personally expect Bitcoin to increase in value and, as a result, to invest in BTC, but prefer to do transactions in the ‘cheaper’ Litecoin.

Ripple (XRP)

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“You either love it or hate it” . Many people find Ripple bad, no cryptocurrency or go the wrong way altogether. This is due to the very central content of the project. I see this differently. I do not think that cryptocurrency can be accepted without traditional companies working on it. In the extensive Ripple explanation I have described in more than 3000 words exactly what the project is. I am a Ripple fan myself with the cryptocurrency XRP.

Expectation XRP 2019

I see in Ripple a bridge between traditional companies and the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It will probably not result in mass acceptance. I am still looking for this myself at the Unbanked group or the game industry . Ripple is the company that has the most and “best” partners behind it. I think XRP actually belongs in every crypto portfolio. There is also a large wave of investors who invest heavily in XRP as a digital asset. Many well-known companies, which are listed on Wall Street, are starting to invest slowly in the company. In 2019 I expect that this can only grow even more.

Stellar (XLM)

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Stellar is a block-based open source distributed payment infrastructure. They make transactions in multiple currencies and assets easy with the help of the Lumens (XLM). It is one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in the world. The co-founder Jed McCaleb (also co-founder of Ripple) has enough experience to help the company. Many people think that Stellar is a fork from Ripple and see this as a reason not to buy it. This is not the case, however:

Jed McCaleb


Antwoorden op @MattoDobbo en 2 anderen

Stellar is not a fork of ripple. It is completely different code.


16:35 – 22 nov. 2017

Informatie over Twitter Ads en privacy

Andere Tweets van Jed McCaleb bekijken

Expectation XLM 2019

Stellar is not very often in the news compared to for example Ripple when it comes to large partners. In the background Stellar managed to secure more than 35 (large) companies behind it in 2017. A great achievement! The most important partner is of course the gigantic company IBM. The company has an active team of experienced developers who work on the project on a daily basis. Jed McCaleb is one of the most important and influential persons in the world of blockchain. He has a lot of experience as a programmer. In my opinion, Stellar is one of the best projects and investments for 2019. The crypto is also ready for regulations regarding Know Your Customer (KYC) and the anti-money laundering legislation ( AML).). As a result, large (traditional) companies will enter into a partnership with Stellar rather than, for example, Bitcoin.

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