Of course, every crypto-investor would like to know what the price of Bitcoin will be in 2019. As a start for the new year, we provide an overview of the predictions of a number of well-known crypto experts and influencers. Of course we look at both the positive and negative outlooks on the Bitcoin in 2019.

The Bitcoin in 2019 according to positives

The general opinion is that 2019 will be a year in which beautiful things are about to happen and in which the prices will overcome the crash of 2018. This is what the positive analysts expect.

John McAfee

The man who gave birth by promising / threatening to eat his genitals if the Bitcoin (BTC) was not at 1 million by the end of 2020 gave quite a stir. To achieve this goal, the Bitcoin (BTC) must have reached a price of $ 170,756.82 at the end of 2019, according to its calculations.

Tom Lee and Sam Doctor – Fundstrad

These two crypto enthusiasts estimate the value of the Bitcoin at the end of 2019 at $ 36,000. Unfortunately for the horror fanatics they have made no promises to serve body parts if their prediction does not come true.

Ronnie Moaz – crypto-analyst met track record

Ronnie Moaz is known for his crypto-predictions that came out earlier. Before the end of 2019 he expects a Bitcoin share price of $ 28,000.

Fran Strajnar – cryptohandelaar

This trader who in the past often made the right choices for buying and selling expects a Bitcoin price of $ 20,000.

Bitcoin (BTC) the crypto coin as an alternative to fiat money

Cryptobeurs Litebit [NL]

Mike Novogratz – Galaxy Digital

This billionaire, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and current crypto-influencer, plans a price of $ 20,000 at the end of 2019.

Sonny Singh – Bitpay

The founder of this Bitcoin payment service shares the vision of Mike Novogratz and estimates the price of the Bitcoin at the end of 2019 also at $ 20,000.


This crypto coin broker from the UK is cautious and keeps it at a price between $ 8,000 and $ 10,000 for the Bitcoin at the end of 2019.

The Bitcoin in 2019 according to pessimists

Besides all these positive sounds, there are also opposite predictions. The below expert sees the Bitcoin go down in 2019.

Calvin Ayre – Bitcoin SV

The former founder of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and now the face of BSV sees the course of Bitcoin gloomy. Because other crypto coins do more with their Blockchain and there are scale problems for Bitcoin, he expects that the currency will go to 0 in 2019.

Of course, we have previously made predictions from experts. In this overview and this contribution we saw the positive predictions. We also let the pessimists speak before .

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