Tron (TRX) regularly receives the news in a positive way. They surprised in 2018 with the purchase of the BitTorrent platform and reported this week to bring a new token. Naturally, this yields the necessary expectations. What do the experts say?

What is Tron (TRX)

Tron is a non-profit organization that builds a worldwide Blockchain program for the entertainment and gaming industry. The company is based in Singapore and more than 3 quarters of the coins are traded through Binance. The ultimate goal of Tron is to dominate the market in the gaming and entertainment industry (1 trillion dollars).

The price development of Tron (TRX)

Tron was traded for the first time on September 13, 2017 for $ 0.002. In the period until now she has developed into a permanent top 10 player. At the time of writing this article, the price is € 0.0214 and is most traded on Binance. Tron (TRX) was therefore one of the best performing crypto coins in 2018 .

What do the experts expect for the Tron (TRX) in 2019?

We see, unlike the large cryptocurrencies, the Tron do not have any huge numbers of experts tumbling over each other to discuss the value of the Tron. Nevertheless, there are also a lot of (positive) predictions about the course here. We list the most important ones.

The most bullish prediction

The experts who try to predict the Tron (TRX) often do not venture in the media with name and name. However, there are insiders who predict that the price may rise to $ 12. This is not enough for founder Justin Sun. He expects an increase, although not in 2019 to $ 100, -. That this is perhaps less absurd than it seems we explain at the end of the article.

This well-known website foresees a great future for the Tron (TRX) and expects the price to be $ 2.78 at the end of September 2019.

This platform mainly looks at the long term. They see the price in five years at $ 1, -. This should result in the value at the end of this year between $ 0.20 and $ 0.25.

A number of other experts

A number of other experts mainly look at the market trends and the ability of Tron (TRX) to engage in tactical partnerships. They expect in partnership with PayPal, among others, that a market value of $ 1.50 should be possible by the end of 2019.


Walletinvestor probably gives the most reserved forecast. Nevertheless, this prospect for the Tron (TRX) also gives a very good return in 2019. They expect a rate of $ 0.1.

Incidentally, all predictors agree that the real growth can only be expected after 2019.

Justin Sun predicts Tron (TRX) $ 100, -. Is that crazy?

It sounds absurd, especially with the above predictions, when the founder states that a price of $ 100 is real (not yet in 2019). Nevertheless, the founder and director of Tron has already surprised friend and foe with ambitious plans that were more than expected.

In addition, he is friends with Jack Ma, the owner of AliBaba. It is known that he has about 10% of the worldwide Blockchain patents to his name. Sun has already shown (as with the acquisition of BitTorrent) that he can have large investors in a short time. Now that the acquisition of the AliBaba coin is not concrete, some Asian watchers expect that a strong combination is in the making.

When that combination takes place and Tron joins forces with AliBaba, crazy things could happen with the course of the Tron. As always, time will tell.

Want to know more about the Tron (TRX)?

Of course we will keep you informed about the developments around the Tron and their new token. The historical and current prices can of course be viewed on our page with Tron (TRX) rates .

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