Enigmatic Disappearances, Bizarre Conspiracies And Strange Deaths: The Biggest Showbiz Mysteries Ever


The unsolved drowning of actress Natalie Wood continues to touch. More than 35 years later, ‘new elements’ are still emerging. The Natalie Wood case is by no means the only mystery in showbiz.

Natalie Wood , who played ao in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ and ‘West Side Story’, was one of Hollywood’s most glamorous actresses in the 60s and 70s. It was also world news when she was killed in mysterious circumstances in the night of 28 on 29 November 1981. At the time, the police were dealing with an accident, but nobody actually believed that. Natalies husband, actor Robert Wagner (now 88), became more and more in sight.

Natalie Wood with husband Robert Wagner, a year before her tragic death.

Reporters Natalie Wood with husband Robert Wagner, a year before her tragic death.

The couple Wagner-Wood made a trip with their yacht to an island off the coast of California, in the company of actor Christopher Walken. On November 29, 1981, around 7 o’clock in the morning, the coast guard found the lifeless body of Natalie, barely 43 years old. Two weeks later, the case was classified as a miserable accident. Natalie accidentally ended up in the water when she tried to sail away with the sloop. She had drunk and could not swim. No explanation was found for the numerous bruises on her arms and legs.

The couple on board their yacht the Splendor.

In 2011 the case was reopened. The cause of death was changed from ‘drowning by accident’ into ‘drowning and other unidentified factors’. The reason for this turnaround is the book that the captain of Wagner’s hunting wrote about the drama. He heard the couple arguing – Wagner would have been jealous when Natalie flirted too much with Christopher – and some bottles were killed. Wagner would have called out, “Make sure you’re my f * cking boat!” A woman on a neighboring yacht heard a woman say “Help, I drown” . She called the emergency services, but the promised helicopter never came …

Photo News November 29, 1981, Los Angeles. Researchers bring the sloop from which Natalie fell into the water.

Wagner has been regarded as a potential suspect since the reopening of the case. He would have refused to help his wife when she fell into the water. According to the researchers, his statement of 1981 rattles on all sides. The very old actor , however, refuses all cooperation with the police . We will probably never know what exactly happened on board the Splendor.

Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey Edwards: disappeared without a trace

Manic Street Preachers with Richey Edward.

Guitarist Richey Edwards was the most popular member of the Welsh Manic Street Preachers. Just before they would leave on tour through the US, Edwards disappeared. He was last seen on 1 February 1995 by a taxi driver who had to take him to a bridge. Because many of the Manic Street Preachers songs were about self-injury, pain and depression, it was assumed that Edwards, 27 years young, committed suicide. In 2008 he was officially declared dead. However, his family continues to search for a statement, and the police are still investigating possible traces.

Marilyn Monroes ‘suicide’: conspiracy of her lover and her psychiatrist?

Milton Greene Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe was found dead on 5 August 1962 in her home in Brentwood, 36 years young. Officially it was said that she ‘probably committed suicide’, but a haze of mystery lingers around her death. Several conspiracy theories remain in vogue. The most common: Marilyn was murdered by the mafia, the CIA or the Kennedys.

In the book ‘The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed’ that appeared in 2014, several witnesses speak. They refer to Robert ‘Bobby’ Kennedy, the younger brother of JFK, as the sponsor of the murder.

In the summer of 1962 John F. Kennedy sent his brother Bobby to LA to make it clear to Marilyon Monroe that she was no longer allowed to call the president at the White House, according to the authors of the book. The American president would not abandon his wife Jackie to marry Marilyn. But Bobby fell in love with his ‘mission’ and ended up in bed with the sexy superstar.

Robert Kennedy.

When Marilyn understood that Bobby would not leave his wife for her, she threatened to reveal their relationship at a press conference . She had a red diary in which she had noted the dirty laundry of the Kennedys.

Robert wanted to have that diary in his possession at any cost. He put Marilyn’s psychiatrist Ralph Greenson, with whom she also had a relationship, under pressure to “solve” the matter.

On the fateful evening Robert Marilyn searched with two bodyguards. One of them gave Marilyn sedatives, while Kennedy searched for the red diary. Monroe did not stay dazed for long and the two bodyguards then held her back, stripped her and gave her a cocktail of more than 30 pills.

That night the housekeeper found Marilyn and called the emergency services. As the ambulance officers tried to save her, Dr. Greenson came in and had the CPR stop with the special ventilator. He then gave Marilyn an injection with pentobarbitol, which later proved deadly.

The body of Marilyn Monroe would have shifted from the guest room to her own bedroom to make it look like suicide.

Mysterious time traveler on p remière of Charlie Chaplin film

‘Gsm’ woman at the premiere of ‘The Circus’ by Charlie Chaplin.

A young Irish film fan discovered something strange about the film premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Circus’ from 1928. From the audience attending the premiere at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, a woman suddenly appears to be busy … gsming is. That is the way it seems: the lady holds something against her ear and talks in it and laughs. According to some, it is proof that time travelers really exist. Others insisted that the lady in question had a toothache and held a bag of ice against her cheek, or that she tried to hold her hearing aid in place.

The bizarre disappearance of ‘Beethoven’ actor Joe Pichler

Joe Pichler played in two ‘Beethoven’ films.

Child actor Joe Pichler played in two ‘Beethoven’ films in the late 90’s and had smaller roles in several films and TV series. On 5 January 2006, Joe, 18, left the home of a comrade after a party. He was never seen again. His Toyota was found abandoned days later on the parking of a Mexican restaurant. A note would have been found in the car indicating that he had suicidal thoughts. The police have no real evidence to assume that Joe was kidnapped, killed or committed suicide, but she assumes that he jumped from a bridge. However, Joes mother does not believe that her son has done anything to her. According to her, someone is responsible for his disappearance.

The feud between Frank Sinatra and Woody Allen

Frank Sintra and Mia Farrow. right: Woody Allen and Soon-Yi.

When Mia Farrow discovered in 1993 that her husband Woody Allen had an affair with her adoptive daughter Soon-Yi, she turned her heart to her ex-husband Frank Sinatra . Farrow and Sinatra had remained close friends after their divorce. Sinatra was raging at Allen, and according to biographer David Evanier he wanted to send the mafia to him “to break his legs”. A concert organizer with whom Sinatra was close testified later: “Frank wanted to have Allen switched off. He loved Mia. He spoke to three people every day: his wife, his daughter Nancy and Mia. ” In the end, the plan did not go through, allegedly because Frank’s connections with the mafia were” too much demanded “.

Did Elvis Presley stage his own death?

Visitors to Graceland think they recognize Elvis in the man with the white beard and sunglasses.

Ever since his death on August 16, 1977, it has been speculated whether or not the death of Elvis Presley has been staged. Over the years, remarkable stories have emerged.

For example, the body that was laid out would be much slimmer than Elvis was in his last months. The body also seemed to sweat, suggesting to some that there is a wax statue in the coffin.

In the night after his death, one John Borrows flew from Memphis to Buenos Aires. Under that name, Elvis always checked in at hotels and on planes, to be left alone.

YouTube ‘Elvis’ in ‘Home Alone’.

Elvis, who now would be 83 years old, would play a role in the film Home Alone (1990) which only came out 13 years after his death. In the film you can see a figurant who looks very like him. The figurant would also make exactly the same head movement as Elvis often did.

There are also people who claim to have seen Elvis on his Graceland estate in Memphis. According to others it is not Elvis, but simply the gardener who maintains the estate.

The tragic fate of The Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Short.

Actress Elizabeth Short , who was named The Black Dahlia because of her predilection for dark clothing, hoped to make her name and name in Hollywood. She did, but not in the way she had in mind. The Short case still counts as one of the most notorious murder cases ever.

The corpse of Elizabeth was found on January 15, 1947 on a vacant piece of land in Hollywood. She was naked, cut in half and her entrails were removed. Elizabeth’s mouth was cut open from ear to ear.

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The body of Elizabeth was found on a wasteland in Hollywood.

Shorts’ death then caused a shock wave through Hollywood and the whole of America. Everyone wanted to know who had done such a gruesome thing to the gorgeous woman. Yet we will probably never know who killed The Black Dahlia.

The ‘missing’ man from Olivia-Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John aen Patrick McDermott.

Twelve years after he disappeared from the face of the earth, Olivia Newton-John’s missing friend was noticed in Mexico. The ‘Grease’ star was nine years together with the Korean cameraman Patrick McDermott when he disappeared during a fishing trip in 2005. Olivia was broken with grief. In 2008 Patrick was officially declared dead, even though none of the 22 fellow passengers on the fishing boat Freedom had seen him go overboard.

Last year McDermott was recognized in the village of Sayulita in Mexico. He would live with another woman. The man is now suspected of having his own death in scene. Reason: he had to pay his ex-wife thousands of dollars in alimony for their son Chance.

The mysterious disappearance of Ylenia Carrisi

Ylenia Carrisi was the daughter of the popular pop duo Al Bano and Romina Power and granddaughter of the legendary Hollywood actor Tyrone Power. Ylenia took her first steps in the showbiz as a plate turner in the Italian ‘Rad Van Fortuin’. At the age of 23, Ylenia decided she wanted to see the world, but during her trip to New Orleans, on January 6, 1994, she disappeared without a trace.

Research showed that Ylenia had shared a room with 54-year-old street musician Alexander Masakela, who had a history of drug abuse and sexual violence. He tried to pay for the room with Ylenia’s passport and traveler’s checks. A few weeks later Masakela was arrested for a rape, but released again for lack of evidence. A security guard would later claim that he saw a woman who met Ylenia’s description of a bridge jumping the night she disappeared, but her body was never found.

George Reeves: the unsolved death of Superman

Photo News George Reeves in 1952.

George Reeves , who in the 50s gave shape to Superman in the eponymous TV series, died on 16 June 1959 of a gunshot wound in his head. Reeves lay naked on his bed, his feet on the ground and the gun in between. He would have been depressed because his career was baking, but by no means everyone believes he committed suicide.

There were several people in the house when Reeves died, including his fiancée Leonore Lemmon. Yet it took a long time for someone to call the police . According to their statements because they were all too drunk.

Missing: model Tammy Lynn Leppert

Tammy Lynn

Tammy Lynn Leppert was a model from Florida who won one beauty contest after the other. She dreamed of an acting career. In July 1982 Tammy Lynn attended a party where ‘something’ must have happened. She began to behave strangely, became paranoid and violent.

In 1983 she got a role in the gangster film ‘Scarface’. She collapsed during a violent scene with lots of fake blood. She was briefly admitted to a psychiatric hospital. In July 1983 she left the parental home with a friend who, after an argument, dismissed her from Cocoa Beach. The 18-year-old Tammy Lynn was never seen again. The police initially thought that they had run away at home, but there are more theories. For example, she might have been the victim of Christopher Wilder, a notorious serial killer who in that period was targeting young models in Florida. Another thesis is that Leppert was murdered because she knew too much of a drug and money laundering operation. Her body was never recovered.

The drowning of Rolling Stone Brian Jones: accident or murder?

Brian Jones – Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones was found dead in his swimming pool in 1969. He was 27. Jones died exactly one month after being expelled from the band he had founded. An accident, was the official cause of death. Drowned after a drug party. Friends and relatives of the guitarist, however, believe that there is more to it.

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The funeral of Brian Jones.

Two books appeared about Jones’ box. ‘Who Killed Christopher Robin?’ and ‘Paint it Black: The Murder or Brian Jones’, written by the Swedish woman who found Jones in the pool. In both books it is assumed that the guitarist was killed by a contractor who was working in his house. That man, Frank Thorogood, would have known on his deathbed that he was killing Jones after a fight over money. The police reopened the investigation when a tape recording appeared with Thorogood’s confessions, but the case has still not been clarified.

What did Kirk Douglas have to do with the disappearance of Jean Spangler?

Starlet Jean Spangler disappeared without trace on 7 October 1949. She had an appointment with her ex-husband in connection with overdue maintenance payments, she told her sister-in-law who was babysitting. Jean, 26, was never seen again. Two days after her disappearance, her handbag was found at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, containing a mysterious note: “Kirk, I can not wait any longer. I’m going to Dr. Scott. It is best if mother is not at home. “

Who was Kirk? Many believed that the note was addressed to ‘Spartacus’ actor Kirk Douglas. He also reported to the police. Jean was a figurante in one of his films, but he had never met her.

According to Jeans friend, she was three months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. Was she on her way to ‘dr. Scott ‘for an (illegal) abortion. Some believe that she died during the procedure and that the doctor dumped her body. Whether Kirk Douglas played a role in this drama is never known. Jean Spangler remains missing to this day .

Anna Nicole Smith and her son: suspicious deaths

Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel.

On February 8, 2007 Anna Nicole Smith (real name Vicky Lynn Hogan) was found unconscious in a hotel room in Florida . She died on the way to the hospital. Smith posed regularly for Playboy and in 1993 she became Playmate of the Year. When she was 26, she married the 89-year-old billionaire J. Howard Marshall. After his death broke a legal battle broke out about the inheritance between Smith and the children of Marshall. At the time of her death there was no judgment in that case.

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Anne Nicole Smith and her husband Howard Marshall.

Five months earlier, three days after she gave birth to a daughter, Anna Nicole’s 20-year-old son Daniel died of a combination of methadone and antidepressants.

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Anna Nicole Smith with her newborn daughter Dannielynn and partner Howard K. Stern.

AP Anna Nicole Smith with her newborn daughter Dannielynn and partner Howard K. Stern.

It was only when her will was opened that there were doubts about both deaths. Anna Nicole left everything to her son, but Stern managed to manage the inheritance until the boy was old enough. Many believe that he would be responsible for these two sudden deaths.

Lana Turner’s friend Johnny Stompanato: stabbed, but by whom?

Johnny Stompanato and Lana Turner.

In 1957 ex-military and underworld figure Johnny Stompanato started a stormy, according to some violent, relationship with actress Lana Turner. A year later, the then 32-year-old Stompanato was stabbed to death in her house in Beverly Hills. Lana’s teenage daughter Cheryl knew right away. She would have defended her mother when he was attacked by him.

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The body of Stompanato is carried outside. Lana Turner’s daughter Cheryl takes the blame.

Getty The body of Stompanato is carried outside. Lana Turner’s daughter Cheryl takes the blame.

The judge held it on ‘justified manslaughter’, but many believe it was Lana himself who stabbed Stompanato and that Cheryl took the blame.

The unresolved hammage on Peter Ivers

Peter Ivers on the roof of the apartment building where he would later be murdered.

Rocker Peter Ivers released several albums in the seventies. He wrote the song ‘In Heaven’ for David Lynch ‘horror film’ Eraserhead ‘and had his own TV show,’ New Wave Theater ‘. On March 3, 1983, the 36-year-old Ivers was found dead at his Los Angeles Los Angeles apartment on March 3, 1983. He was beaten to death in his bed with a hammer, and there was no sign that he would defend himself. Ivers had many friends in Hollywood, and when it became known that he was dead, a bunch of people gathered at his home. The police were surprised by the arrival, and forgot to seal the crime scene. Friends of the deceased walked in and out, and possible evidence was destroyed.

The most common theory is that Ivers was killed during a burglary. A lock was forced and suspects that recording equipment was stolen. A suspect was never found, the murder remains unresolved until today.

The suspect ‘suicide’ of Hollywood diva Thelma Todd

Thelma Todd was found dead in the garage of her lover’s wife.

Getty Thelma Todd was found dead in the garage of her lover’s wife.

In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Thelma Todd was one of the most prominent actresses in Hollywood. She participated in nearly 120 films and played alongside legends like the Marx Brothers and Laurel & Hardy. On the morning of December 16, 1935, the 29-year-old Todd was found dead in her car. She was stitched in the exhaust fumes. The bizarre thing was that her car was in the garage of Jewel Carmen, the wife of Thelma’s lover Roland West.

The death was initially considered an accident. Later that was adjusted to suicide, although nothing pointed out that the actress was suicidal. There were, however, indications that violence to Thelma’s death had come to pass. She had a broken nose and other injuries and her face and dress were covered with blood, indicating that she was unconscious before being put in the car and the engine was started. Roland West would have known on his deathbed that he was responsible for her death, but that was never officially confirmed. The mystery remains …

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