Netanyahu: ‘Iran Secretly Develops Nuclear Weapons’


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Iran does not follow the nuclear agreement. Instead of stopping the construction of nuclear power plants, the country secretly develops nuclear weapons. With this information, Israel could overtake US President Donald Trump to torpedo the Iran agreement.

That is what the French news agency AFP reports. Earlier in the day, Netanyahu announced that he would come to an important disclosure about the nuclear agreement. Later, the Israeli Prime Minister reported that Iran does not adhere to the terms of the agreement; the country would secretly develop a nuclear weapons program. “Iran has lied,” Netanyahu said. He says he has proof of this, but he did not present it.

For Trump this can be of great importance, because the American president has hinted that he wants to get rid of the deal.

Trump wants to make a decision on this by no later than 12 May. Possibly that could lead to a revision of the agreement, maybe it goes completely out of the table. The agreement was concluded in 2015 under the leadership of Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama. It was agreed that the sanctions against Iran would be relieved if the country in turn halted the development of  nuclear power plants . These nuclear power plants were possibly used for the development of nuclear weapons.

Macron as the protagonist in question Iran-accord

This agreement, which was signed at the time by China, France, America, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Iran, threatens  to be canceled by the United States  . This is very much against the wishes of the French President Emmanuel Macron . Macron wants to prove that France is back on the world stage. He was visiting Trump last week, where he emphasized the importance of the agreement. Trump seized the opportunity to call the chord “ridiculous.” “This should never have been settled,” Trump said  .


Derk Jan Eppink about the nuclear agreement with Iran: Trump’s mistrust of Iran is justified

The new US Secretary of State,  Mike Pompeo, said Sunday: “If this agreement is not improved, Trump will retire.” CNN reports that. According to Pompeo, Iran is ‘the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world’. If Trump withdraws from the agreement, this will pave the way for new sanctions against Iran.

Macron is in line with Moscow and Tehran

Reason for Macron to call Putin. According to the Kremlin, both Macron and Putin insist on a ‘full implementation’ of the nuclear agreement. Macron is working hard to get all partners of the 2015 agreement behind them. This weekend, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, and Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, said they wanted to keep the agreement.

On Sunday Macron called the president of Iran,  Hassan Rohani . During the telephone conversation of more than one hour, he expressed the wish that the agreement be maintained, reports the Élysée. The current agreement expires in 2025, after which Iran may build further on a nuclear weapons arsenal.  Macron is trying to extend the agreement to prevent the development of nuclear weapons by Iran in the future.

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