American cars are not only encountered in America. Also in the Netherlands you can see a US car driving with some regularity. More and more often the big American cars like the pick-up are on gray license plate. Business very attractive and yet to use as a family car. View more information about American pick-ups with gray license plate here.

In the showroom of the American car specialist Pietersen more models can be seen of the American car. American cars such as muscle cars, classic cars, SUVs and the American convertible can be found with the American car specialist.


The showroom of Pietersen is full of a diversity of USA cars. It is therefore no exception that young and old come to see the American import cars at Pietersen. The most beloved USA cars in our showroom of the younger visitors are of course the American muscle cars. The impressive American pick-up is in a good 2nd place.


There are several American car models available at Pietersen US Cars & Bikes. The American SUV and the MPV are very suitable as a family car. There are several American car brands that make luxury family cars with versions up to 8 seats such as Buick, Chrysler, Chevrolet and Ford. These models are often equipped with options to make the car ride as comfortable as possible, such as electrically operated rear seats / DVD entertainment for a 2nd or 3rd row of seats.

The American sports cars are of course not to be forgotten from a showroom with USA cars. The motors of the sporty cars are getting smaller and more economical but the performance is not less. Most will however prefer to hear a V8 engine under the hood of an American muscle car.


At Pietersen US Cars & Bikes, American car dealer in Rotterdam, you can go for all brands of American cars. Pietersen is not only known in Rotterdam as the American car specialist. Customers come from all over the Netherlands for the purchase of an American car or for maintenance in our specialized workshop.


In the showroom at the Waalhaven in Rotterdam you will not only find new US cars but also for a second-hand American car you can go to Pietersen. The range of 2nd hand American cars varies from pick-up to sports car. When purchasing an American car occasion, you will receive a minimum of 3 months Bovag guarantee unless agreed otherwise. This way you can go on the road with your American car with peace of mind.


Of course you buy an American car at Pietersen. Since 1932 Pietersen has American cars for sale and the knowledge for maintenance and repair. Been on holiday in the States and drove in an American car? Pietersen also arranges the import of your favorite USA Classic car, American or other USA cars. Make an appointment for a meeting so that you are aware of the rules and costs of getting your favorite car to the Netherlands. If you prefer to know where you stand, you can also buy an American car in the Netherlands. You can then view the car in our showroom at the Waalhaven in Rotterdam. Perhaps we can help you make the right decision.

Are you looking for an American car occasion or a new American car? Then come along in the showroom or contact one of the sales advisers.

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