Are Onions Healthy? Benefits Of Onion

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A healthy life is now and then worth a tear. Onions are very good for our health. Maybe you wonder why onions are healthy. We are all going to discuss this in this article. In addition to the health benefits, onions also add a delicious taste to most dishes. Many people hate the smell and the tears caused by an onion, but this will soon change as soon as they have learned about all the health benefits of onions.

Onions Healthy For Hair Growth

One of the advantages why onions are healthy is because, like garlic, there are a lot of sulfur-containing substances. Sulfur is needed for hair growth, which is why it accelerates and stimulates hair growth . This is only possible if you rub the onion with an oil (preferably jojoba oil) on the scalp. For an ideal effect, you have to rub it in before bedtime and let it work all night on the scalp. This must be repeated daily.

Onions Healthy For The Blood Sugar Level

It has been clinically and experimentally proven that they contribute to lowering blood sugar levels, thanks to the substance allyl propyl disulfide. As a result, they can theoretically be used to regulate blood sugar levels. Do not forget that you never have to eat too much!

Onions Healthy Against Cardiovascular Disease

Are onions healthy for patients with cardiovascular disease? Yes, they are definitely onions! Regular use of an onion causes low blood pressure and low cholesterol levels. That’s why they belong to the natural cholesterol lowering agents and natural blood pressure reducers . This is mainly due to the sulfur, chromium and vitamin B6 content in onions. Thanks to these substances, the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes is reduced. In addition, these substances also help with the reduction of homocysteine. This is a risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. It has also been shown that onions and garlic are strong natural blood thinners .

Onions healthy For the bones

When keeping our bones strong, onions can be very helpful. This is due to onions of potassium, calcium and iron, which also occur to a large extent in an onion. Another important reason why onions are healthy.

Onions Healthy Natural Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Finally, there is another reason why onions are healthy . Onions have a strong antibacterial effect and therefore belong to the group of natural anti-inflammatories . This makes it a good anti-inflammatory and can be used for this. An onion is also often used against colds, thanks to its antibacterial effect.

Onions Healthy Healthy Salt Substitutes

Onions can also be used as a healthy alternative to salt. It is one of the best salt substitutes there is, because of the many benefits it knows. Besides the fact that you reduce salt intake, you also have a lot of advantages when adding onions to your meals. Both raw onions and fried onions can be used in various meals.

After all the above facts it is clear that onions are healthy. So take it quickly in your daily diet and take advantage of the many benefits of onions.

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