5 Things To Know Before You Start A Next Relationship

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5 Things To Know Before You Start A Next Relationship

Relationships can be difficult, but also one of the happiest times in life. To experience this happiness, you must be willing to be present in a relationship. If you are really ready for a relationship, it will make things a bit easier. Here are five things to know before you begin a next relationship.

1. Know your self-worth – Too often we stay in relationships that are less satisfactory because we do not appreciate ourselves. A fundamental change occurs as soon as you realize what you are worth and what you earn in a partner. Once you begin to believe that you earn something deeply fulfilling, you will never be satisfied with less.

2. Knowing how to love with an open heart – Loving with an open heart means embracing vulnerability. It is essentially open to yourself with the possibility of experiencing pain. But this can be something beautiful. If you are afraid to open up, you can not get close to the other.

3. Know how to be compassionate – The ability to recognize suffering and to offer compassion is vital for a mutual supportive relationship. By listening with an open heart and mind, we can find communities in each other’s stories and promote compassion and love.

4. Know your strengths and weaknesses – Recognizing and understanding our limitations allows us to work on it and find partners who will complement us. Although it can be difficult, it is important to know this.

5. Know what it is to be alone – Too often we focus on a romantic relationship, because we are afraid to be alone, and because it is easier to get someone else’s approval. As a result, many of us go from relationship to relationship, without understanding why the previous relationship did not work. Knowing who you are alone is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It pulls you away from the comfort of a relationship and you can give yourself the space to find out what makes you happy.

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