These are the 10 richest people of all time

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Nowadays there are a lot of billionaires. Certainly in the tech industry. But are they also the richest people of all time? Who’s on the list and how much do you need to go into history as the richest person in the world?

The list contains the 10 richest people ever. 
So it’s not just about dollar billionaires. 
Wealth was measured in various ways over the centuries. 
There is financial wealth and the wealth of landowners for example. 
The latter is difficult to convert into money, but Time Magazine made an effort and made a list of the 10 richest people in the world (now and in the past).

10. Bill Gates

Bill Gates

We start with a contemporary name. Everyone knows Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. He was the richest man in the world for a long time, but had to give up his place to the man who is now number 9. The tech giant donates large parts of its assets to charities and is the founder of the giving pledge. He has promised to donate 95% of his wealth.

His wealth is estimated at 93.2 billion dollars (or 80 billion euros).

9. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

Who took away the current title of richest man in the world from Bill Gates? That is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, one of the most popular online stores in the world. He also founded Blue Origin. A company with which he wants to capitalize on ‘affordable’ space tourism. Innovative. And he also bought The Washington Post.

His fortune? $ 141.3 billion (€ 121 billion).

8. Alan Rufus

Alan Rufus

We dive back in time for this rich gentleman. Alan Rufus lived from 1040 to 1093. He was the cousin of William the Conqueror and together with his uncle won the Norman conquest of England. He was given an important piece of land in the north of England after the conquest. When he died he had 11,000 pounds (12,500 euros). Although that seems little, it was then equal to 7% of GDP in England.

Now his fortune would have been around 166 billion euros .

7. John D. Rockefeller

John Rockefeller

This billionaire comes from the 20th century. This well-known petroleum magnate died in 1937 and was no less than 97 years old. He once founded the Standard Oil Company, the largest petroleum company in the US. At a certain point it owned 90% of all oil. That looked too much like a monopoly and the company was split into 34 small companies. Of these, we still know ExxonMobil, Chevron and BP.

Rockefeller was also the first man to collect 1 billion dollars. Converted his fortune would be worth about 400 billion dollars (343 billion euros).

Like Gates and Bezos, the first dollar billionaire was also a philanthropist. He spent a lot of money on charities and invested 250 million dollars in his own organization, the Rockefeller Foundation. That organization mainly came to the rescue after the First World War.

6. Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie

The industrial revolution not only produced Rockefeller. Andrew Carnegie also participated. The man mainly collected his money during the 19th century. He died in 1919. Carnegie left the oil industry to Rockefeller and focused on the steel industry with the Carnegie Steel Company.

His fortune is estimated at 404 billion dollars (around 347 billion euros). With his wealth, he built around 1,689 public libraries. He clearly thought it was important to invest in knowledge, because he also pumped several tens of millions into American education.

5. Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin

Not a nice man on the list, but power means money and vice versa. The former leader of the Soviet Union died in 1953. Until then he was the leader (or sole ruler) of one of the largest nations in the world. Its capital is therefore a country that represented almost 10% of the then global gross product. Converted that would be 7.5 trillion dollars (6.4 trillion euros).

Unlike the predecessors on the list, Stalin was not a generous figure and was known for killing opponents. He has about 9 to 20 million dead on his conscience.

4. Akbar the Great

Akbar the Great

Even further into history, there is Akbar the Great. This man ruled the Mogul empire from 1556 to 1605. This country was situated approximately at the level of present-day India and then represented 25% of the global gross product. Converted: 18.75 trillion dollars (or about 16 trillion euros).

He was known as a great leader and a visionary emperor who was tolerant of other religions.

3. Song Shenzong

Song Shenzong

The top 3 also starts with an emperor, but he ruled well for Akbar the Great. Song Shenzong belonged to the Chinese Song dynasty and reigned from 1067 to 1085. Among him, China was already one of the most lucrative economies in the world. Mainly through technological innovations and a ‘modern’ tax system. They accounted for 25 to 30% of the global gross product. That would now amount to 18.75 to 22.5 trillion dollars (or 16 to 19.3 trillion euros).

2. August Caesar


No, not Julius, but August. A fortune amassed for Christ. Augustus ruled the Roman Empire from 27 BC to 14 BC. After the murder of Julius Caesar. He is the man behind the Pax Romana and knew the actual power of an empire that also meant about 25 to 30% of the global gross product . In addition, a personal wealth of about $ 4.5 trillion would be added.

1. Mansa Moussa

Bill Gates

With dot 1? The former king of Mali. Mansa Moussa lived from 1280 to 1337. He would have been the richest man who ever lived. This was possible because he managed to conquer Timbuktu. As a result, his empire reached the Niger and therefore also the most important trade routes of the transsahara trade. He also owned the gold mines of Bambuk. Its territory produced half of the world’s stock of gold. It is therefore not difficult to believe that his wealth cannot be expressed in dollars, euros or any other amount or currency .

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