This way you match your pants and shoes correctly


There you are in front of the mirror (five minutes already). You already have a heavy knitted pullover with a white t-shirt underneath and you put on your dark slim tapered jeans. Now the question remains what kind of shoes you can best put on to finish your outfit. You have already tried on boots, sneakers, loafers. However, you are not yet completely convinced. That is why we give below a number of examples of different types of pants and the best choice of shoes with which you can combine them.

Matching pants and shoes is an art

On the one hand, your shoe choice is important to indicate who you are as a person , and on the other, it is important that your shoes match your  outfit . It must match well with the type of pants that you want to wear. It can make or break your outfit. That is why it is important that you know how to match your pants and shoes.

1. Jeans

The jeans is  the most popular item in the whole world . For next fall you can wear jeans in different colors such as blue, black and gray. Every type of shoe fits this item. We show you a few combinations below:

combine pants and shoes

Blue jeans || Almost any type of shoe fits blue jeans because of the color. However, it is also important that you look at what model jeans you wear. Is it pants with damages in it? For example, go for sneakers like All Stars, Vans or  Stan Smith ‘s. Is it a minimalistic slim cut jeans? Then put on dark brown Oxford shoes.

Black Jeans || You can’t rock every shoe color with black jeans. We advise you to wear colors such as green, black, white and gray. Why? Because these are just like the black jeans, calm colors and that way you don’t focus all your attention on your shoes.

Gray Jeans || Here too you are limited in the color of shoes . With gray jeans, we prefer shoes in the colors black, white and blue. Black and blue are colors that are easy to wear all year round. White, on the other hand, is again suitable for dry summer days.

2. Smart pants

The popularity of smart pants is increasing day by day. This item often comes in black and various shades of gray and blue. The great thing about this item is that you can create both a smart look and a casual look. Your outfit will get a different look and feel when, for example, you put on gray smart pants with (minimalist) sneakers instead of your old familiar jeans. Do you want a little more classic? Exchange your sneakers for a pair of brogues or loafers.

match pants and shoes

3. Chino’s

You can go multiple ways with a chino and you can rock almost any shoe with this item. For example, you can go for a real “lumberjack” look by combining khaki colored pants with boots with a dark blue denim shirt and sweater on top. For a smart casual look , for example, you can combine a classic beige chino with a black top and black brogues. Simple, but very stylish.

pants and shoes

4. Joggerpants

Jogger pants are becoming increasingly popular. This garment can be worn both sporty and smart casual. For the upcoming season it is best to purchase a jogger in dark colors such as navy blue, army green, gray or black. These colors work well and are easy to combine. You can combine this item with sneakers, boots, loafers and brogues. We are particularly fond of sneakers because the jogger is already a casual item of clothing.

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