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For many business Twitter users it is a breeze to get their tweets retweeted. I have shared several of these tips with you many times in the past. Here is a more complete list of tips that you should consider to get more retweets. But before I continue, I request that you first replace your profile photo with a qualitative profile photo of yourself. So away with that logo and away with that standard egg. People like to see the face behind a company. Not a logo.

Tip 1: Make sure you complete a complete BIO. A Twitter profile without a filled in bio is generally not taken seriously.

Tip 2: Add a link in your twitter messages. But do not do this in all messages. This can be seen as spam. No matter how crazy it sounds. Because unfolding is free.

Tip 3: Tweet as much as possible unique and playful content. Keep an eye on current events and occasionally respond to this.

Tip 4: Use a URL shortener (www-address-shortener) so that your URLs are shortened automatically. This leaves more room (max 140 characters per tweet) for retweets. If you want your followers to retweet your messages, then you also have to make it possible for them.

Tip 5: Do not Tweet in company language such as: “We have an offer this week.” Or “We are a company that.” It is your Twitter account. So speak from yourself and keep it personal.

Tip 6: Always respond to your target group and never lose sight of the wishes of your target group.

Tip 7: Make people laugh. Also occasionally share funny content and send a nice tweet.

Tip 8: Don’t just share blog articles. Ask questions, share photos, share videos.

Tip 9: Use the free tool ‘ Tweriod ‘ to find out when the majority of your followers are online. This considerably increases the chance that your messages will actually be seen. So also an increased chance of retweets.

Tip 10: Don’t be shy and ask for retweets. Do not do this with every tweet you send. I recently conducted a 48-hour test. I started part of the messages with: “Please ReTweet:”. The number of retweets on my messages increased by 60%. So take advantage of it but do not exaggerate. It can also be experienced as disturbing.

Tip 11: Use a maximum of 120 characters instead of all 140. This leaves enough room for your followers to re-tweet.

Tip 12: I advise you to regularly re-tweet interesting tweets from others. With this you build appreciation and they will do it faster for you too. Thank the people for retweeting your messages. You show your appreciation for their commitment and they will do this more often. But watch out! Retweet not just anything. First read carefully what you are going to retweet. Is your supporters waiting for this?

Tip 13: Don’t just tweet about yourself. Tweet about other people too.

Tip 14: Share valuable information for your target group. Also the latest news that is relevant to them. You must continue to motivate people to follow you. For this you have to be interesting enough.

Tip 15: Make your direct message messages (DM) personal. Although I am very much in favor of automating a large part of your social mediachannels, you should never do this when it comes to DM messages. Never send automated DM messages, although this still seems so useful. It is impersonal and scares people. Never do so.

Tip 16: Be consistent in content and Twitter behavior.

Tip 17: Do not send the same messages in one day. Provided that you have discovered that you have sent the tweet at the wrong time and that almost no one has seen the tweet. So be careful with this.

Tip 18: Occasionally show your emotion in a message. You are not a robot. So you don’t act like a robot either.


Tip 19: Don’t complain about other Twitter users. People like positivity. So keep it to yourself especially if you hate someone.

Tip 20: At larger events and fairs there are often fun Twitter conversations under a certain #hashtag. Participate in conversations like this. It usually gives you new followers. So also re-tweets.

Tip 21: Add a link to the website or webshop of your company. It can give you a lot of traffic. Also don’t forget to add a second Twitter account to your BIO. This way you increase the chance that your messages will also be retweeted.

Tip 22: Respond to tweets from the others and let them know what you think of their tweets.

Tip 23: Don’t just send. Also conduct conversations and discussions.

Tip 24: Do not link all your social media accounts together. So don’t have all your tweets on the Facebook timeline by default . This also applies to status updates on LinkedIn . They are all unique channels, have their own audience and therefore require their own content.

Tip 25: Think of everything you tweet about your target group. Your questions, your response, the news you share, and so on. It is about your target group. Never lose sight of their interest and wish. This also applies to all social media channels.

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