How do I get more retweets on Twitter?

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Ellen Degeneres received more than two million retweets within two hours during the Oscars . With this she broke the record of most retweets on a photo on Twitter. How do you ensure that your tweet is retweeted more and why do you want retweets? In this blog I explain why. And I started looking for tips to get more retweets and you can read them below. 

Twitter is one of the largest social networks on the internet. It offers excellent opportunities for your brand to speak, to enter into discussions with your customers and to reach new customers. An important part of Twitter is the retweet. If your tweet is seen by another user and the person decides to share your tweet with his followers, you call that a retweet.

The benefits of a retweet
If someone decides to retweet your tweet, your message will not only reach your followers but also those of that other user. With this you create extra reach. You also increase the chance that other users will follow you on Twitter. If you link to your website in your tweets, more traffic is created on your website. Finally, you increase the credibility of you and your brand, because the social burden of proof is increased.

But how do you get more retweets? Here are some tips!

Tip 1 – Tweet with a link 
With a link in your tweet you increase the chance of a retweet. Use a link with valuable content for your followers.

Tip 2 – Ask for retweets 
You don’t have to be shy, just ask for retweets. It will surprise you how quickly people click on retweet. Use ‘Please retweet’, ‘Please RT’ or only ‘RT’ in your tweet. It is better not to do that with every tweet, because you do not want to appear desperate. Other users will not retweet your tweets if you ask too much.

Tip 3 – Tell new information 
Talking about something new is the most effective way to get retweets. Other users do not yet know this information and retweet it to their followers.

Tip 4 – Update your profile 
Make sure your Twitter account looks good and cared for. Use a clear profile photo and pay attention to your language and spelling.

Tip 5 – Keep your Tweet short 
It is better to keep your Tweet short, because then it is easier to retweet the message.

Tip 6 – Watch your timing 
There are several times during the day that you are more likely to be retweeted. For example, during lunch there are many people checking their social media and there is a greater chance that your tweet will be read and retweeted.

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