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One of the most frequently asked questions about Facebook business use is:

How do I get more fans for my Facebook page

That is a lot more difficult than it seems but with these tips you will certainly reach more people.

I think there are 3 different ways to get more fans:

  1. Buying or buying fans
  2. Use tricks / spam
  3. Natural growth

I myself am a big believer in getting fans in an organic way. Grow naturally, especially by giving and organizing very good tips, articles, information, conversations.

I am not alone here, just look at the responses to this question What do you do to get more fans? 
Like from Marcel Eilers :

I would recruit fans from ‘inside out’. Start with direct contacts, such as relationships and staff. Then you focus on their relationships and so on. Furthermore, regular attention on the site for the FB page. Of course lots of twittering with regular links to articles on Facebook.

Why do you want more fans?

A question that we may forget, why do we actually want more fans? What is your target? 
A. Do you want to get to know the target group? Do you want to talk to them? Do you want them to trust you and get your products? 
B. Or do you just want more , just like more traffic to your site and more followers on Twitter? And you see what it will be worth in the future.

If your goal is A. then a Facebook page is very useful and I expect you to attract more fans. You make targeted choices and you have a clear goal. For this purpose you also know who your target group is. The latter is important, very important. With a clear audience, you can add meaningful content to your page.

Is your goal B, you just want more. Then it could be difficult. On Twitter you can easily communicate with many people, and engage in conversation with all kinds of people you don’t know. On a Facebook page, that’s a bit trickier. People must first voluntarily make a choice to become a fan of your page. Only then can you talk to them there.

I myself want fans to talk to them. To offer a place where we can talk, discuss and help you get more customers via the internet. A place where we can give each other open and honest advice. 

Why this place on Facebook? 
Do LinkedIn groups and your website also work? That’s right, but the platform and number of participants in this platform is huge. The chance that I will find self-employed people here who want to start this conversation, who want to learn more about getting customers via the Internet, is high.

Handy ways to get more fans.

Let’s take a look at the different options.

  1. Meaningful content for your target audience on your page
  2. Invite friends and acquaintances
  3. Send your network an email
  4. Distribute updates to your page via social networks
  5. State your page in the signature of your email
  6. Invite your newsletter subscribers
  7. Page Plugin on your website
  8. Request attention in your blog
  9. Like button with every article
  10. Give something away when people become fans
  11. Let fans tag pictures
  12. Invite experts for a Facebook Chat
  13. Seduce customers to become a Facebook fan
  14. Via thank you page newsletter
  15. Add to business card
  16. Sign thank LinkedIn connection
  17. With tag refer to article in your page on your personal profile
  18. Use tags on photos
  19. Use tags in updates
  20. Signing responses

1. Meaningful content for your target audience on your page

First of all, the most important thing is that you have meaningful content on your page. You have chosen what the target group is and you know the need. Your business is built on that, so your website, newsletter, and LinkedIn campaigns also have the focus. Your Facebook business page therefore also has this focus.

The content is in line with the needs of your target group.

A nicely chosen target group, even a niche, culinary holidays to Italy.

Build a good platform and they will come to you? Yes it is. You can also speed it up by pointing out the people on your platform.

Also use the correct keywords in the title of your page. This way your Facebook page also appears regularly in the results of the search engines.

2. Invite friends and acquaintances

This option is often used too early. The page is started, almost everything is filled in, there is no further action on the page, and then the Facebook friends are invited.

Set up your page. Make sure the page looks good, with a nice banner and a welcome tab. Provide status updates and images, possibly even a video. Make sure the information section is completely filled in, with links to your website. Once it runs, use this button.

Then you can choose from your friends of your personal profile:

Use the option once or twice. It’s an email from you that they didn’t ask for. They may not be interested in it and experience it as spam. Soon everyone in Facebook will have the opportunity to mark people and messages as junk / spam.

3. Send your network an email

We can also access the network that you can access via your email addresses in your mail program once. 
You go to ‘Edit page’, directly below your profile image. 
Then click on ‘Marketing’ and then ‘Tell your fans’

This can be done by importing a .csv file. You must first export this from your mail program. Or use the login details of your online mail solution such as Gmail.

Also think of the people you are going to bother with your message, even though they have not asked about it and do not fall within your target group. Of course you are very enthusiastic about your page, but is the recipient that too? 
Write a nice personal message and the chances are that they don’t mind even if they are not your target group.

People who do not (yet) use Facebook will first have to create an account before they can become a fan of your page.

4. Distribute updates to your page via social networks

If you post an update to your Facebook page that is nowhere else, then spread this message via Twitter and / or LinkedIn. Certainly if your target group is also active on these networks. The link to the status update is after the date.

For example, this question on the Social Media Examiner page is only on the page. You can also spread this question in other social networks. This is how you attract new people to your page.

5. State your page in the signature of your email

In every mail program you have the option to place a signature. Your contact details will appear as standard under every e-mail you send. You did that already, right? With these contact details you also put the link to your Facebook page.

For instance:


New World Creater 


Simple and effective. Anyone you send an email to can see your Facebook page and click directly on the link (make the link clickable).

6. Invite your newsletter subscribers

There is a good chance that the target group of your newsletter is the same as the target group of your page. Spend a newsletter on your page and a small proportion of your subscribers become fans of your page.

They only do this if there is a reason to ALSO become a follower of your page. Explain what information they get there that they get nowhere else. Give something away on your page that you would not otherwise receive as a newsletter subscriber.

See the example of Guy Kawasaki in point 12. Guy got 4,000 fans (see the diagram) by sending an e-mail to his 140,000 subscribers and giving them a free book (pdf) on the Facebook page.

7. Page plugin on your website (formerly Like box)

You can do this with a Page badge (1) or a ‘Like’ badge (2). These are simple badges, with your profile picture, name of your page and possibly number of fans and latest status.

More beautiful is a ‘I like’ box, it costs more space, which shows the latest updates including the image of the update. In addition, the visitor to your site also sees other fans of the page. If they are logged into Facebook themselves, they see fans who are also in their own network. 
You see acquaintances who are already fans. That invites you to become a fan too.

You place the button or box in the sidebar of your site so that it can be seen on every page of your site.

For the box and the badge, go to ‘Edit page’ on the Facebook page, directly below your profile image. Then click on ‘Marketing’ and then ‘Create a badge’ or ‘Add a’ I like box ‘to your website.

8. Request attention in your blog

For example, in an article where you tell something about Facebook or about your topic, you can point people to your Facebook page. You can also use the ‘WP Greet Box’ plugin . Welcome people to your blog if they have not visited it before. In this box you can immediately alert them to your fan page.

This looks like this:

9. Like button with every item

This like button ensures a distribution of your article within Facebook. Anyone who comes on your blog, in an article, and has a Facebook account can spread your article in this way.

This way your article will be distributed on this person’s network on Facebook. That way you attract fans to your blog again. The Like-box from point 9. or the WP-Greet-box from 10. ensure that they also see your page and can visit it.

There are many different ways to place a like button on an article. 
A number of WordPress plugins that I use myself:


Digg Digg
A very comprehensive plugin with which you can place buttons at the top of the article, left or right. At the bottom of the article. But also next to your site and that it scrolls along as the reader scrolls down. This looks like this:

A series of buttons to distribute your article on various social platforms.

For other platforms you can find more information from Facebook about the Like button here .

10. Give something away when people become fans

Guy Kawasaki has chosen to use only a Facebook page for his book Enchantment. There is no website. All promotion runs through Facebook.

You can now get his first book completely free in a PDF by clicking on Like. This makes new content visible.

Not a fan yet:

Clicked on ‘I like’

Guy explained in an article how he got 4,000 fans (see the diagram), through this method and an email to his 140,000 subscribers.

11. Have fans tagged photos

You take photos of your fans or target audience during an event, for example. Then you add these photos to your Facebook page and ask people to tag themselves. People then tag themselves and others. This way, the photo spreads over different notice boards and your page is viewed more. New fans will come out automatically.

12. Invite experts for a Facebook chat

Social Media Examiner does this regularly. They invite an expert who answers questions that fans ask on the page on Friday. This is an example of Friday, January 21. The questions and answers are flying over the notice board.

They are celebrating their fans. If they reach a new round number, this fan is announced and they also have a fan of the week.

Social Media Examiner is a good example of a page that focuses on fans. The expert helps the fans by answering questions. The Expert gets more fans because it has access to a huge platform. And the fans of the expert are introduced to the Social Media Examiner page .

13. Seduce customers to become a Facebook fan

On your website you may also sell products via a webshop or a shopping cart. If someone buys something there, they usually land at the end of the buying process on a “Thank you” page. On this page you can call on people to become fans of your page.

This is an excellent time to do that. People are happy with the decision they have made. They have bought something that will help them further. A click on a ‘Like’ button is just a small step.

On this page, say explicitly that they ‘must’ become a fan of your page in order to stay informed. A call to action (CTA – Call to Action)

14. Via thank you page newsletter

You have registration fields for your newsletter on your website. If someone subscribes to your newsletter, they would like to know more about you. Your Facebook page is also something to stay up to date

If the registration for the newsletter is successful, you can set a landing page in your newsletter software. On this page you call people to click the ‘Like’ button.

Make it as simple as possible. A link to your page means extra steps for the visitor. A box with the I like button or just the button means 1 click and they are fans.

15. Add to business card

This is Stephanie Ward’s calling card and on the back you can find her page on Facebook.

16. Sign thank LinkedIn connection

If someone sends me an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, I always send a thank you email. If the person falls into my target group, there is often a link to my Facebook page in the signature of this email.

17. Tag with reference to article in your page on your personal profile

In the beginning you probably have more friends in your profile than fans in your page. Your friends on Facebook who are not yet fans of your page will miss the updates to this page. You can also distribute these updates through your personal updates.

Do this in moderation, people consciously choose to become a friend and not a fan of your page. If they still see all the updates through your profile, they may un-friends you: 0)

18. Use tags on photos

If you upload photos to your page you can tag people in this photo. People who tagged receive a notification and it appears on their pin board. With this, this photo spreads through these notice boards.

You can even tag people (friends only) in a photo that they are not in. I wouldn’t do this because it’s kind of spam. You try to make people aware of the photo in your page in a fake way.

Luckily, the people you tagged can easily remove the tag.

For example you have read a book from a famous writer. Give a short impression or review on your page. Place the image of the book in your page and tag it with the author.

Note: You can only tag friends and the update will appear on his personal profile.

19. Use tags in updates

You can point / link to another page in your update. You do this by first typing an @ in your update. Then a list appears and you can type and select the name of the page. 
This is only possible with pages that you are already a fan of.

This update will also appear on the page that you have tagged.

With the update below I also became visible to the fans of Appbistro:

You can tag up to 6 people or pages in a status update.

Use this wisely too. Only tag people and / or pages that actually have a relationship with the content of your update.

20. Signing responses

Mari Smith gives an example here how she signed a message on another page with a link to her own page.

She says about it herself:

“This needs to be used with discretion and I would advise against doing this on any potentially competing fan page!”

21. Live video

22. Link group to the page



25. Advertising

You can also simply use an advertisement. Pieter Kirkels
responded to the question on my Facebook page .

I just advertised on FB recently. Almost 200 likes in 2 weeks …

Almost 200 likes from 400 clicks on the advertisement, for less than Euro per fan for the Kids and Youth page , as Pieter explains in the comments.

An example of Weekly World News . In the article you get a full explanation and tips for example how they got over 600 fans for less than US $ 1.00.

Of course you can also buy advertisements in other places to lead people to your fan page, for example via Google AdWords.

Turning fans into customers – Denise Wakeman

Why do you have fans in your page? For Denise it is a large platform where you can find new customers. You must also use this. In various places she invites you to subscribe to your newsletter and receive her free lessons. This is how you get into her sales funnel.

Get and retain fans

Remember that the content of your page ensures that the majority of people become fans and remain fans.

  • Publish new updates regularly.
  • Updates are about your fans not about you.
  • Provide good substantive updates.
  • Provide exclusive updates that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Ask questions.
  • Respond to questions from fans.
  • Delete spam.
  • Put your fans in the spotlight.

Is the Facebook page Erno Hannink – Social Media for the Self-Employed Specialist successful? I am satisfied: o) 
This is a graph of growth.

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