10 Places To Admire These Spring And Summer Flowers In Tuscany

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The landscape of Tuscany is actually always beautiful but every season has its own special charms; the enchanting green fields, beautiful flowers and blue skies of summer, the golden hues and heavy vines of autumn, the magical winter time, and of course blissful spring when everything is in full bloom. Tuscany is really something special to experience, especially when it is covered with a blanket of flowers, so definitely book a holiday home in Tuscany and discover the rolling hills and sleepy villages during blissful spring or the blistering summer. If you plan to book your vacation in the coming months, these are the regions and flowers that you should definitely put on your list during your stay in the region … 

1.Foreste Casentinesi National Park

This national park has always been a natural beauty and a great nature reserve, but it is even more astonishing during the spring when the snow-white daffodil anemone, purple saxifrage and red blueberry all begin to sprout between the maple trees and spruce trees like a rainbow-colored blanket .


3. Cherry Blossom, Peach Blossom, Apricot Blossom and more … 

Now that we are talking about the Maremma, this is the part of Tuscany where there are many fruit orchards and these trees germinate the most beautiful flowers before they show their fruits. We are not just talking about cherry blossoms, but also about peach blossoms, apricot blossoms, apple blossoms and more. Soft pastel flowers that cover the ground as if someone was just married and therefore form a beautiful portrait against dark brown branches, these beautiful flowers can be seen from spring until the first fruits arrive, around mid-May, and then you have the delicious cherries to comfort you in the loss of flowers. Be sure to book a vacation rental in the Maremma Book and enjoy the beauty of this area at this time of year.

4. Wine & Poppies 

If you are going to visit a winery or winery around mid-April, then you should definitely look out for the beautiful poppies among the rows of vines. So you can enjoy the most delicious wines and at the same time admire the vibrant red flowers among the greenery of the vineyard. 

5. Mediterranean Beach Flowers 

Also in the Maremma, not just in the countryside, but also on its beaches, you will see the spring entails a blanket of colorful flowers to admire. Beautiful bright pink flowers that you have probably never seen before, fig flowers (Carpobrotus Acinaciformis) can be admired on the dunes behind the beautiful beach of Torre Mozza and other beaches along the Parco Costiero della Sterpaia nature park.

6. Chianti Flower Markets 

If you not only want to admire flowers, but also want to buy something, go to Chianti, where there is a rich tradition of flower markets. For example, there is the annual Flower Festival in Greve in Chianti in May and the famous flower market in Gaiole in Chianti. Be sure to book a holiday home in Chianti and enjoy the wines, everything in bloom and the countless flower markets. 

7. The Mountains 

The Apennine range extends over much of Italy, but there is a part called the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine Park in Tuscany, near Pisa, where you will find Eugenia violet (Viola eugeniae), a symbol of the Italian flora that is one of the typical flowers of Italy is and really of great beauty, but also daffodils, primulas and colorful mountain tulips. Furthermore, cardamines, snowdrops, scilla and corydalis also grow in the area, which bloom between April and May and are wonderful examples of the special local mountain flora. If you are interested in wild orchids, be sure to visit Monte Falco near Poppi or the Riserva Naturale delle Cornatee Fosini(where you can also admire anemones, crocuses and wild pink cyclamens), near the Tuscan hill town of Gerfalco. Then there is the I Frignoli Center for Biodiversity in Fivizzano with its beautiful pink peonies, the absolute wealth of beautiful flora in the Orto Botanico Pietro Pellegrini in the Apuan Alps, and the Botanical Garden of Valbonella with around 300 native species. Head to the medieval town of Pontremoli and visit the Bancarel Fiore flower market with the picturesque setting of Piazza della Repubblica. 

So what are you waiting for? Book a holiday home in Pisa and go for a day of hiking to enjoy the countless flowers along the many routes around the peaks of Tuscany.

8. Months of Flowers in the Pietraporciana Nature Reserve 

Located just south of Chianciano Terme, this beautiful nature reserve has no less than 341 hectares of land, with many beech forests with various flowers in spring and summer; snowdrops in February, a wonderful smelling bed varnish and green-tinted Polygonatum Multiflorum (also known as Solomon’s seal, David’s harp and ladder-to-heaven for its curved multi-flowered structure) in April, and the pink martagon lily and the orange speckled tiger lily (those two varieties of very rare wild lilies) in the month of June. 

9. Florence’s Rose Garden

Although there are many wild flowers that pop up in Tuscany in spring and summer, there are also many special gardens full of flowers to enjoy, such as the Rose Garden in Florence. This lesser-known gem contains art by the Belgian artist Folon, roses and a beautiful view of the city. It contains a collection of no less than 400 different varieties of roses, 1000 botanical varieties, lemons and other plants, a Japanese garden and sculptures by the artist Folon. It is located in the Oltrarno area below Piazzale Michelangelo and is best visited in May and June when the roses are in full bloom. Book a luxury holiday home in Florence and experience the beauty of it yourself.

10. Florence’s Iris Garden

The Iris Garden is a real gem and is very important for the city, since the iris has been a symbol of Florence since 1251. It is also near the Piazzale Michelangelo and houses more than 1500 species (15 of which are threatened with extinction) irises during the annual competition, the ‘International dell’Iris’, which started in 1954. Every year between the end of April and the end of May, the garden is open daily to the public free of charge. 

Plan your vacation to Tuscany as quickly as possible and enjoy the region in full bloom during the coming months and therefore the best time of the year!

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