6 ways to make money with your blog


Bloggers are just unicorns: magical and elusive. The successful variants have a different color Chanel bag hanging around their arms every day and travel all over the world. One thing is certain, it is a career with which you can earn good money. But how do you earn money with a website or blog? There are different ways to make money with a blog or instagram account.

FYI: I use blogger and influencer at the same time, the difference is that an influencer may not have a blog but a large social account. A blogger at least has a blog, but can also have large social accounts. Are you still following me?

Yes? These are they:

  1. Agencies
    Since we started calling bloggers influencers, new agencies have also emerged that specialize in linking brand and blogger. There are different types of advertising agencies. Some will demand exclusivity, for this type of party you need at least 40,000 unique visitors to be interesting. But if you are not that big yet or you do not want to make an exclusive commitment, you can register your blog and social accounts with Influentials Network. Influentials is an influencer agency founded by my personal business friend and fellow townman Jolique Möller. Influentials has a very user-friendly dashboard for brand and influencer, it is a kind of marketplace where the brand places its campaign. Influentials makes the vague influencer world transparent. As a blogger you link all your analytics and social media to your account, so you can clearly see what your influence actually is.
  2. BannersMany people hate banners, which is why the adblocker was invented. Yet there are still many sites where banner advertising accounts for a large part of the revenue. Display advertising via google adsense is the most popular and used form of banner advertising. As you are used to from Google, it is easy to link to your website, you do not need a developer for it. 
    How do you earn your money? Here is a lesson in advertising jargon:CPC – Cost Per Click: For every time someone clicks on a website from your website, you get an amount. This is often around 23 cents, but depends on the campaign. 
    CPA – Cost Per Action: For every time someone performs an action, this is often buying a product or leaving an e-mail address, you get an amount. This is very variable. 
    CPM – Cost Per Mille (mille is Latin for a thousand): This is a method used by large agencies and publishers. You receive an amount for 1000 views of the banner. Suppose you have 10,000 page views and you get € 8 CPC then the sum is: 10,000 / 1,000 * 8 = € 80.
  3. Affiliate marketingIf you have a blog, you often write about products and recommend them to your readers. For example, I write a lot about business books. Often these are products that you yourself are enthusiastic about, but this does not mean that you cannot earn something with it yourself. Many brands are affiliated with affiliate networks. For example, bol.com has its own affiliate program and I get a percentage of the sale amount for every book I sell. With products this is between 3-8%. Especially with books that is really not a waste because books are not very expensive.This (see below) is what we earned in commission in 14 days via bol.com. There are also other product groups such as clothing, interior and food. All these little bits can eventually become a nice amount per month for which you don’t have to do anything anymore. But you can also look at products where the order amount is a lot higher, such as hotel stays, vacations and airline tickets. There are also products where the commission is higher, such as information products such as e-books or online courses. Then this percentage can go up to 40%!If you don’t have a blog yet, check with each post if an affiliate link is appropriate and whether it can bring value to your reader. Do you already have a blog but never used an affiliate? By monetizing your blog you will quickly find out what your best performing posts are. These posts are found for example by keywords via Google, which means that they still generate traffic months or sometimes even years after posting. If you have such articles, see if you can incorporate an affiliate link to a product. For example, we have an article on fitgirlcode.nl about spirelli recipes with a direct link to a spirelli cutter. This article is still one of the best read articles after a year and we have already sold hundreds of spirellis.
  4. Direct sales to customersYou can also collaborate directly with brands to promote their products or increase their brand awareness. We do this a lot for Fitgirlcode. Sometimes the campaigns come in through our media agency Adfactor, but we are also active in maintaining contact with beautiful brands that suit our readers. You can then agree together what you are going to communicate to your followers and how you are going to approach this. For example, you can choose to write a review or host a cool giveaway on your channels, giving away the advertiser’s products and creating buzz for them. Based on the amount of exposure and the size of your reach, you agree a commercial fee for your time together with the brand. Make sure you state in your article that you are a sponsored post,
  5. Sell ​​products yourselfIf you have a nice number of readers on the site who come back to the site more often and engage in your posts by leaving comments, you have a good channel for selling products yourself. By looking at how you can bring added value to your readers in addition to your (free) articles, you can sell physical products such as a book or merchandise via a webshop. You can also bundle your best articles with extra information in the form of an e-guide. Such an online product is an extension of all free content that you offer your reader and helps them achieve a goal.  Products are a lot of work and represent a certain value. It is therefore not surprising to ask for money for that.
  6. Barters.But what do you do with free products? It is the dream of many starting bloggers. They see that bloggers are packed with the latest must-haves and want that too. But at some point you realize that you cannot pay the rent with new shoes. And that such a photo shoot, blog post or video takes a lot of time for a brand. And time .. Yes, that of course costs money. Bloggers are also often asked for press trips to, for example, abroad. These trips are rarely paid and you are expected to create content for the organization.Of course you can also come to a cooperation with closed trade fairs. This is called a barter. With a barter it is important that it is an exchange of equal value. Is the trip so cool that you want to dedicate a post to it? Even though no money is involved, make sure you make clear agreements about what is expected of you. Such a trip costs money, so indirectly you will be paid. Ultimately, of course, you hope to work with this brand more often. Ask what they expect from you and plan when you post something. They cannot be disappointed after the trip either.

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