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Every year Britains got talent is full of unexpected surprises. Several artists have already become world famous through this talent hunt in Great Britain such as Paul Potts and Susan Boyle. Britains got talent is a talent show for everyone. Not only singers, but also magicians, mimes and other acts are featured in this versatile television show. We have compiled a top 10 with the most remarkable auditions for the Britain’s got talent program. 

1. Susan Boyle

[youtube] [/ youtube]

Susan Boyle is probably the example that the world can be conquered with a single performance. After this audition, Susan appeared on all front pages of the British media. Her videos quickly became popular on YouTube and her first album was ranked 1 in both America and Great Britain.

2. The Chippendoubles

[youtube] [/ youtube]

The Chippendoubles is a unique act and especially the surprise element makes their act a huge success. A video that has been viewed no less than 14 million times on YouTube.

3. Janey Cutler

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For Janey Cutler, Britains got talent could have taken place 30 years earlier. This great grandmother of 80 has worked her entire life as a background singer in various cafés and never broke through. Now she has broken through at the age of 80 with the famous number no regrets by Edith Piaf.

4. Stavros Flatley

[youtube] [/ youtube]

5. Tina and Chandi

[youtube] [/ youtube]

This dog looks like a dressage horse!

6. Only boys aloud

[youtube] [/ youtube]

Only boys aloud is a boy’s choir from Wales. During their participation in Britain’s got talent, they became very famous.

7. Beatrix von Bourbon

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Beatrix still says that she has taken ballet lessons but she comes with a surprisingly different dance.

8. Charlotte and Jonathan

[youtube] [/ youtube]

9. Maarty Broekman

[youtube] [/ youtube]

The Dutch Maarty Broekman lives in London but comes from the Netherlands. He does an 80s act and puts the Netherlands on the map.

10. Paul Potts

[youtube] [/ youtube]

Paul Potts broke through as the singer in the first season of Britain’s got talent. He also won the first season of Britain’s got talent and was allowed to sing for the royal family.

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