Top 10 Bizarre means of transport

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Humans have been familiar with moving from one location to another for centuries. This used to be done on foot, but as technology developed, people continued to develop means of transport to transport people from one point to another.

10. Segway

The Segway is a fully automated, battery-powered means of transport that has speeds of up to 12.5 mph. You can cover distances of 24 miles with it and very handy and often used by guards and police officers.


9. Velomobile

A Velomobile is essentially a horizontal, three-wheeled bicycle, wrapped in a kind of plastic shell. The outer shell protects the rider against the harsh elements of rain, snow and hail. Some recent models have also been designed with storage, making it semi-functional when getting groceries.


8. Hoverboard

A Hoverboard (or hoverboard) – is a fictional levitating board that is used for personal transport. The idea originated from the popular film Back to the Future. Hoverboards are generally depicted as a skateboard without wheels. The contemporary Hoverboard is equipped with wheels and requires a great ability to balance. Balance is very important with these Hoverboards.

8-transport hoverboard

7. The Aquaskipper

Do you also want to walk on water? Who would not like that and with the Aquaskipper that is also possible. Use the power of your up and down movements to make you fly high above the water surface, without sound, smoke or water pollution. The inventor of the Aquaskipper has built a nice gadget for those who want to experience the silent glide on water, in harmony with nature and that while you also get a great workout.

7-transport-aquas tipper

6. The Lopifit

The Dutch have an abundance of love for bicycles, which is why the idea arose to design a treadmill that is also a bicycle. The Lopifit, is a treadmill bike that looks like a bike but has no pedals, instead there is a treadmill. This treadmill converts current through the walking movement into the battery which in turn drives the rear wheel.


5. The HumanCar

It looks like the type of vehicle you would see in Bedrock, but this hand-driven hybrid car can reach speeds of up to 60 mph and also keeps you fit. The HumanCar can accommodate up to four people, is the brainchild of Charles Greenwood, an engineer who has been working on developing the perfect human-powered vehicle for over 40 years. With all four people, the vehicle can make good progress on human power alone, but it also has electric battery when there are fewer passengers.

5-means of transport humancar

4. Powerisers

Powerisers are a kind of resilient stilts with which you can take 9ft steps and jump 6ft in the air. They were designed by Alexander Bock and the sport is usually known as bocking or power-bocking. The stilts are also known as PoweriZers, Power-Skips or Pro-jumps. A version of springy stilts or Powerisers can make you walk, jump, or run. These Powerrisers give a superhero-like ability to jump. They are leg extensions that make mobility faster and more fun.


3. Chiva Express

The Chiva Express is a bus that runs on the rails of a train in Ecuador, where travelers can make a route in the Andes mountains. The rails were originally laid to connect the mountains to the sea, but now the route is intended for sightseeing. The best seats are on the roof, although the mountain air can be a little cold for some.

3-transport means-chiva

2. Hovercraft boat

This is a special boat that is suspended from an air cushion, this traditional boat offers a smooth ride on the water.

1. The ice boat

In Madeline Island, people are transported every winter by means of a special ferry. The two-mile ice highway in the winter does not have the ability to support the vehicles during the transition phase. That is why the connection is maintained in that period by ice boats with air propellers.

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