The 8 best free photo and image editing apps on the iPhone

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Do you want to edit photos on your iPhone? These are the best free apps for all levels of photographer, with everything from filters to HDR.


Do you want to edit photos on your iPhone?  These are the best free apps for all levels of photographer, with everything from filters to HDR.

Your iPhone takes beautiful photos, but the right apps can make them even better. Most photographers accept post-production as part of their workflow, but our smartphone images often miss this important step.

There is no shortage of solid photo editors for the iPhone, and many of the options are free. Today we have completed our favorites, including apps for basic adjustment, fast fixers, manipulators for entire images and more.

1. Photos

best photo editing apps for iPhone - Photos App

Best for: Fast edits, JPEGs and sharing.

Your iPhone already comes with an impressive photo editor built into the Photos app. Start it, find a photo, and tap Edit in the upper right corner of the screen.

Here you can crop and rotate your image, apply filters and adjust a large number of parameters. Save the highlights and shadows, adjust the exposure and contrast or convert them to black and white.

However, photos has its limitations. Although it can handle RAW files, does it only offer loss-making JPEGs JPEG, GIF or PNG? Image types Explained and Tested JPEG, GIF or PNG? Image Filetypes Explained and Tested Do you know the differences between JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs and other image file types? Do you know when you should use one instead of the other? Don’t worry, MakeUseOf explains everything! Read more for other apps. This means that you cannot perform any editing in Photos and you cannot export your RAW to other apps without first duplicating them.

2. Google Snapseed

best photo editing apps for the iPhone - Google Snapseed

Best for: All-round RAW and JPEG editing.

Google’s Snapseed is a powerhouse for photo editing on both iOS and Android. The app was updated in 2016 to support RAW editing, making it probably the best free image editor on the platform.

In addition to various filters, for which Snapseed Looks mentions, there is a dazzling array of editing tools to choose from. These range from the basic functions to perspective shifts, selective colors, immediate HDR and extensive monochrome filters and options.

The app also controls nicely. Simply drag left and right to adjust the strength of a parameter or drag up and down to change the parameter.

Download: Google Snapseed

3. Aviary Photo Editor

best photo editing apps for the iPhone - Aviary Photo Editor

Best for: hands-off photo editing, immediate effects, filter enthusiasts.

If you want an app that you want to keep handy during the editing process, or maybe just do everything for you, Aviary is a good choice. It offers a large number of direct enhancements for specific scenes, such as night scenes and food photos.

There is also a healthy set of filters and there is much more available for download once you are logged in with an Adobe ID. Most photo editing tools that you would expect are present, including color and shadow restoration, tinting and white balance correction.

There are also some additional features that you would not normally find, such as the ability to add text and stickers to your image, and a “whiter” tool for teeth. There is even a meme mode for adding text to the top and bottom of your images, making this a Swiss pocket knife for editing mobile photos.

Download: Photo editor by Aviary

4. Instagram

best photo editing apps for the iPhone - Instagram Photo Editor

The best for: Instagram users, tilt-shift effects, filter enthusiasts.

You need an Instagram account to use the app, but you don’t necessarily have to post anything. If you only want to use the social media app for editing tools and filter presets, you can!

Turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone before tapping Share and wait for the upload to fail. Tap the X to cancel the upload and you will find your image in the movie roll of your device.

The tools from Instagram are familiar and efficient. Because it is the app that started the filter fight, the included presets are pretty good. It is also one of the fastest ways to apply tilt-shift or vignetting to an image.

Download: Instagram

5. Adobe Photoshop Fix

best photo editing apps for the iPhone - Adobe Photoshop Fix

The best for: a limited number of editing tools and fast solutions.

Adobe’s iOS setup is largely paralyzed by relying on Creative Cloud and not a “correct” version of apps such as Photoshop. We have to talk About the app of the iPad Pro We have to talk About the app of the iPad Pro Are you a professional who is thinking about getting the new iPad Pro? Do nothing until you have read this. Read more for iPad Pro. Lightroom has a good collection of editing tools, but if you really want to use it, you have to pay for a Creative Cloud subscription.

Photoshop Fix does not try to be a full photo editor, but it does a few select tasks well. Two striking features are the liquid tool, which allows you to mix and stretch images for subtle or crazy adjustments, and the blur mask, which is perfect for fake depth of field in your shots.

There is a healthy range of the usual sliders for exposure, contrast and saturation, plus spot healing and red-eye removal. However, it does not support RAW editing.

Download: Adobe Photoshop Fix

6. Prism

best photo editing apps for the iPhone - Prisma

Best for: weird and beautiful transformations.

Prisma is an app that is different from all others. When you load an image into Prisma, that image is sent to a server where it is converted to a certain style of art. These styles are modeled after major artists such as Picasso and Matisse, but also participate in comic strip and futuristic territory.

You can adjust the strength of the filter, which is good because the app produces a combination of impressive and slightly different images. Some filters produce images that really resemble computer-generated illustrations; others transform images into something strange and wonderful.

Prisma has a number of functions behind a premium subscription. If you want more styles, unlimited HD views and an ad-free experience, you have to cough up $ 3 a month.

Download: Prisma

7. Lens distortions

best photo editing apps for the iPhone - Lens distortions

Best for: Faking weather effects and retro lenses.

This app is all about the appearance of luxury glasses, weather effects and lighting. It also contains a number of basic photo editing tools and uses layers to merge different effects.

In addition to lens distortions, such as blur and flares, the app includes bokeh balls, fog, rain, snow and glittering effects. You can adjust the intensity, position and scale of the effects at your own discretion. It is a great step towards achieving that vintage photography feeling on every image that is already on your iPhone.

To unlock even more effects and filters, you can sign up for $ 1 per month. You can also expand the different categories by buying suits if you prefer to pay once and keep it forever.

Download: lens distortions


best photo editing apps for the iPhone - VSCO Cam

Best for: RAW capture and editing, filters.

You are going to love or hate the abstract, minimalist interface of VSCO. The app has been improved to its merit over the years with better labels on editing tools and a more direct approach to image editing.

It is also the only app in this list that can capture RAW images The best apps and tips for taking RAW photos on your iPhone The best apps and tips for taking RAW photos on your iPhone It’s a feature that most iPhone photographers have wanted forever, but you I need the right app to get the job done. Read more . Tap the camera and change the image size to RAW to capture four times as much data each time you press the shutter button (if these 12W RAW file sizes have something to offer).

The app brings the complexity of Instagram to RAW edits, with a number of filters included and more available with a VSCO X subscription ($ 20 per year).

Download: VSCO

The power to edit photos on your iPhone

If you are serious about your photography, you should photograph RAW. Format support, which captures and retains more detail than JPEG with loss, means that you can push your images further in post production.

Don’t forget that they take up space, so don’t leave them hanging around your iPhone for too long. Improve your iPhone Photo Management to free up more space. Improve your iPhone Photo Management to free up more space. Is it hard to find the photos you are looking for? Is your iPhone full? You must work on your photo management.

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