About Us

I am Henry Uye. Coach. Marketer. Copywriter. Computer Analyst, Programmer and Blogger. Always curious about sustainability and psychology. Sober and in love with great life.

You are welcome to one of my numerous blogs that is dedicated to news, sports, education, finance, Health & Fitness, krypto currency e.t.c.

My purpose: a world where large and small people can be in contact with their own nature. Also in their environment and work.

There is a lot of significance for me in that purpose.

‘Big and small people’ because you can also grow tremendously as an adult.

‘Being in touch’ is about clarity and interaction.

‘Own nature’ is about who you really are, so not the one you think you should be but the healthy mix of head and heart that gives you energy.

Moreover, nature plays an important role because Mother Nature is so beautifully complex and attuned, that is a great example.

This translates into my coaching activities and workshops in my work. As an organization, team or person you can use all these elements to feel energetic and to have focus.